Starlight International Products

Starlight International offers a range of supplements to aid weight loss and alleviate other health problems.

NaturalTRIM® 3X Thermogenic Herbal Complex
Starlight’s original product, this supplement contains two proprietary blends: the Fat Burning Complex and the Sustained Energy Blend. According to the company website, NaturalTRIM® 3X enables consumers to achieve three times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

Fat Free!® Fat Control Formula
This formula is designed to suppress appetite and reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

LIFEGuard® Advanced Antioxidant Therapy
This dietary supplement features a blend of antioxidants formulated to fight cell damage.

LIFEGuard Junior®
A children’s form of LIFEGuard® Advanced Antioxidant Therapy, this formula is designed to support children’s health.

The StarPac supplement contains an Enzyme Complex to aid digestion in addition to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Alert!® Vitalizing Formula
This formula is designed to heighten energy while replenishing the body’s essential nutrients.

Taurus® Male Nutrient Complex
Specially formulated for men, this supplement is engineered to increase health and vitality.

Psycles® Female Nutrient Support System
Specially formulated for women, this supplement is designed to alleviate the discomfort of PMS and menopause.

Total Rejuvenation® Cel-Vitilization Formula™
This supplement is designed to prevent and reduce the signs of aging through cell rejuvenation.

Lullaby® Nighttime Formula
This formula contains a blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins. According to the product description, it can help to ease tension for a good night’s sleep.