My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

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My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

Postby monica odenwald on Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:00 pm

Hi! Has anone else recieved the training I have from their upline. It goes something like this with new prospects:
A sense of urgency is vital when inviting your new recruits to recruit their friends and family.
Do not wait for more than 24 hours after a new person has seen your business presentation to close with them or you wont recruit them.

I just read Jay Kubassek's article on Urgency and it never mentioned anything about recruting and maintaing a sense of urgency. He sperated matters very differently.

My uplines will be starting their fall training meetings again. Even though I love my MLM and am doing well, the training is painful.

Does anyone have any input on this urgency? While I see how interest is lost over time and resonding in a timely manner is important, is this essential to recruiting successfully?

It seems to contradict the trust building and giving information first before showing them the business presentation.
I know that the trust building is essentail and I am definately not a gender stereotyper, but our team lines seem also divided on their approach to recruiting.

I hate to say this but the men seem more fired up with hurrying and do the numbers part more. They appear more dynamic but dont emphasize trust building and relationship building in the traiing at all. Thye women have secretly rallied and divided.

I cant wait to get everything going online. Then I can do my own training based on everyting I am learning in Mike's Courses and online here.
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Re: My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

Postby Sandeep Nath on Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:49 pm

What a beautiful topic here Monica! One that has bugged me no end!!

Being a management consultant who works with a variety of businesses, I have discovered one thing of relevance here.

"Growth requires momentum" ... in any industry.

In network marketing, momentum comes from 'urgency', for it becomes easily duplicatable. By duplicating it feeds on the human fear of 'lack / losing out'.

Is this ideal? No. Is it necessary? Probably yes... till human consciousness can be more open and trusting of the positive aspects of network marketing. And this WILL happen. Please read this and add comments... ... marketing/

As for internet marketing, it tops MLM due to the systematization which most MLM companies do not have. Systems like MLSP and others enable any MLMer to get professional in their conduct of business and therefore their business projection is better. However, urgency is still required... if nothing else to get one's own mind to stay on the ball all the time!

Hope this was helpful.
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Re: My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

Postby Cassie Strom on Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:05 pm

I can totally relate to you Monica.....I was really starting to hate that word.

I can't be a hussler towards people.... it's just not my style at all and it felt awkward and wrong to me.

I've found so much useful training via this website and hooking up with some great mentors.

I'm now learning ways to attract people to me..... rather than chase them down and feel like I'm holding that "sense of urgency" over their heads! lol

Great Post! :)
Cassie Strom

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Re: My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

Postby raghuveera rao on Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:34 pm

Monica, Sense Of Urgency is needed my friend. In Network Marketing, exponential growth happens by momentum and it needs 'sense of urgency'.

As Randy Gage says "Its easier to build mlm fast rather being slow". It has deep inner meaning, it develops sense of belief and synergy in team.

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Re: My Upline's favorite "a sense of urgency'

Postby Adam Taha on Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:10 am

Yes, but not the way your upline might think of urgency...

The way I seen urgency in MLM is "desperation" and "quick get the man signed up before he changes his mind!"

And I'm in MLM but I use the internet. I scrapped the training uplines does and said it as it is on phone when he called 9 months ago.

I said, "I don't go because it's a load of crap. I'm going to teach my team.." click, phone down.

But that's me and I'm in my business not my upline.

Monica, I sponsored 50 people a month. The next month I sponsored 100 people. The month after that I did again, and again, and again. Momemntumn but...I had to do again cause I was so good at convincing people in business, when they should have convinced me, so they do the business.

It is very tiring.

I use internet and only use meetings now to chill with my team and see if they need help. Sometimes they bring along a prospect and fortunately my team is trained good. None of that..

"Quick, close to close the deal.." but to ask questions and see if the prospects is even worth their time.

It's not done that way with upline but desperado attack :lol:

You can't create momemtumn with people not interested in first place cause that ain't momemtumn. It's an illusion that feeds the ego.

Its like a bucket with a hole. Closing on those who are not even interested.

So I feel what you're saying. Been there and it's not pleasant.

This is just one of the websites out of many I've designed and then built built by web developer called Wayne Hatter. Want to see others let me know..
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