How to build your MLM without recruiting!

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How to build your MLM without recruiting!

Postby Dave Hayes on Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:32 am

Now this post, night upset the conventional / traditional way of you being taught how to build your MLM, but stick with it and if you follow the logic behind it, you will build your MLM / Networking business without recruiting, referring or sponsoring anyone physically :D

Marketing online boils down to two things. Having your own list and driving as much traffic to your list as you can . Forget your opportunity totally for the time being.

Essentially, the minute you market online, your business splits in two. You have your 'opportunity' and you have your 'traffic business' Now the traffic business will, build your 'opportunity' business, provided you apply some tweaked thinking and applied principles to doing some things slightly differently :D

Once you do this, your MLM business will grow and in fact the majority of your downline will all earn both themselves and you residual income and residual traffic, almost on autopilot.

You will be receiving emails which state "Congratulations, your downline just got bigger" and will find that not opnly has your downline just got bigger, but you and your new referral are also earning residual commissions, without you recruiting them or, in some cases, even speaking with them.

How does this happen?

By a process called 'flipping your funnel'

To to this, you need the best traffic sources and some high converting Lead Capture Pages.

Which are the best traffic sources? ~ Well, traffic exchanges are superb at getting traffic, while video marketing and blogging are another two excellent sources of getting traffic.

Lets start with Video marketing first of all, simply by posting some 'how to videos' on youtube and using some relevant key words, you'll find that you attract the right prospects to you.

You can then add, those How to videos to your blog, along with a review of that particular site.

Finally, you then take your blog and add it into as many good traffic exchanges as you can and the following will happen, without question

Your downline will grow, automatically, onto your own list,so that you can email them out, about anything you want, including your opportunity.The result? ~ Residual Traffic, Residual income and your MLM business grows on autopilot :D

There are examples of MLM downlines doubling, trebling and even achieving 5 times as much growth, suing this method, without so much of a meeting attended or a phone call made and also more importantly, outside of using YOUTube, virtually no other form of social media being used either.

So, if you are looking for growth in your MLM and are open to the idea of tweaking your thinking & marketing, then this will work for you

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