Time to add Monat Global

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Time to add Monat Global

Postby Kevin Stone on Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:33 pm

We are looking for motivated sales people to join our team in this ground breaking company on promoting a new anti aging hair care product that's brand new to Canada! Not only is this new but we are the ONLY all natural based product with scientific evidence supporting that we can actually grow hair back. We are also the first direct sales company to focus on just hair care and it's projected to explode in the very near future, more than its already growing. The success rate of the company in the USA's first year was 25 times over projection, the last company to have success rate was instagram! Our team is expanding extremely fast and not only are we looking for Canada and USA teammates but will be globally in the near future. I would highly suggest that you take a look at this fast growing company and get in while it's still small as direct sales is projected to be the new future for businesses! Please contact me and discuss options that's available and so you, yourself can see why this exciting product is going global! If the business isn't right for you, you can still become a customer of our amazing products!

My contact info is
Email: [email protected]

Kevin Stone
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