MLSP vs Magnetic Sponsoring

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Re: MLSP vs Magnetic Sponsoring

Post by klmarketing on Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:37 pm

Hey Nathan,

Yeah a lot of information can really fed you up and can lead to disaster! That's why always remember these:
10% of your time should be devoted to training and 90% on performing. Unlike the athletes, 90% of their time is spent on practice while 10% is on performance (live games, etc). As entrepreneurs, it's the other way around.

So to answer about MS vs MLSP ==> MLSP lets you capture and build your list for $10 and $50 per month and so on. While MS let's you do that either exporting your leads to icontact manually or you purchase their Elite membership at a higher ticket price and you can use MS to build your list automatically of course with some added benefits if you go with their Elite membership.

MLSP also has updated and weekly trainings while in MS, if you need the updated trainings, you check out their WWN (What's Working Now) issues and you can basically try it for $1 for the first 30 days.

Both have the same goal in mind, to HELP newbies and struggling entrepreneurs build a solid and successful home based business. Both are very good and its really upto to you on what to choose. You can either use MS as theory and apply it using MLSP. Or you can use MS and apply it using the MS system.

Either way, you will all be good :) What really matters is when you APPLY what you LEARN and stay CONSISTENT with it until it PRODUCES RESULTS.


MLSP vs Magnetic Sponsoring

Post by Nathaniel Wright on Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:30 pm

Wow what a prime-time match up. Talk about must-see tv...who needs the final four!!!

Anyway on a more serious note, which company is better. Both companies have the same
objective: to help network marketers generate leads.

When I think about MLSP I think about not only lead generation but training, training and
more training. They have the most extensive library of training I have ever seen; which
honestly can also be a bad thing. You can find yourself constantly "training" instead of
actually doing revenue producing activities. This is where time management comes into
play. Set a specific amout of time to train but use the majority of time to actually run
your business.

When I think of Magnetic Sponsoring I think of simple but powerful. The prospect is given the
opportunity to purchase inexpensive valuable information and after doing so he or she is
offered more information thru upsells. An ingenious concept. In my opinion there could be a
little bit more training but it's probably enough...

Both are excellent companies. Their campaigns are second to none...
I really can't decided which is better. Just a question that popped into
my head....