Why YTB won our hearts, after 7 MLM failures.

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Re: Why YTB won our hearts, after 7 MLM failures.

Post by lsschal on Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:38 pm

Hi-- My husband and I also tried other MLM companies too and we really think that YTB is an ethical company above all, but doing travel is just plain fun!!! We haven't done much with it so far but just book our travel and some for others, but now we want to take it to the next level and put all we can into it. That's why we found this site, so we can learn and grow! Thanks for your post and letting people know how great YTB is!

Why YTB won our hearts, after 7 MLM failures.

Post by KennethMcDonald on Mon Feb 11, 2008 5:36 am

Why YTB won our hearts after 7 MLM failures, seems like a catchy title doesn't it? But, it is the absolute truth. I have been involved in network marketing since 1972. I first tried Amway. I actually joined them "twice"...when they changed their name to Quickstar, I gave it another shot.

I also was in ReLiv,NSA water filters,ACN telecom,Stem Tech,Xooma,just to mention a few. The others were nutritional companies with great products.

The problem with all of the other MLM companies was the products. Don't get me wrong, here...they are all excellent products. The fact that we had to change people's way of buying the products and services was the real problem. They had to be convinced that they needed the stuff I had to sell instead of going to Wal-Mart to get it. Much of the product lines were proprietary blends and that made my sales pitch better.

But, after a while the folks quit using the products and they had a cabinet full of inventory. I remember building a team of 85 distributors in 3 months and I was excited about the growth. Then I noticed a pattern with my downline distributors...they were not using the stuff themselves. They all had boxes of it in the laundry room and in the kitchen drawers.

I recognized the seeds of failure from having been in other home based businesses,right away. I called the company and told them to cancel my distributorship. I knew if no one was using the products, then the customer base would also quit in time. I could fail now, or fail later! But, I absolutely knew it was a flawed program. I told the rest of my distributors to bail out, too. These were my trusted partners and I was not going to waste anymore of their money on something that I did not believe in.

You may think that is extreme, but today those same families have enough trust to follow me into the YTB Travel franchise. I felt like I was the guinea pig testing the different compensation plans and business models in search of the holy grail of network marketing. Some of you professional networkers know exactly what I mean.

I recognized the concept of leveraging thousands of other people's work to build a long term residual income. Lets face it, to make millions of dollars over time you must leverage a lot of dollars working for you, or you must leverage a lot of "people" working for you.
It is because of "INTERNET MARKETING" that we are seeing a paradigm shift in the travel business.

Travelocity has already trained the world to book their travel on the internet.

We are simply riding in on the coat tails of a marketing trend that is creating history. You do not have to stock any inventory. It is like you are getting access to all of the world's finest hotel rooms on consignment. You do not have to stock airplanes or cruiseships in your garage. People go onto your website and type in their credit cards. Then they print out their own travel e-tickets. You get paid 60% of the travel agent commissions.
Can you see how this business model has been so much easier for us? When the representatives get lazy and stop working, their customers are still booking travel on their websites. You are still getting your 10% override on their businesses. Nobody has to stock anything! And the best part don't have to clean the hotel rooms when your customers check out.

YTB gets high marks all the way around. I highly recommend YTB to anyone who is considering it for a second income. I believe in it enough to invest in it myself.

People are already booking travel online. They are never going back to the old way of booking travel. The travel agencies will have to follow suit and come online, too.

The success my family has enjoyed with YTB is teachable and others can be mentored to enjoy that same success with this home based business. Out of 7 other MLM companies that I have tried in the past, I can say with conviction that YTB Travel Biz is by far the company that pays the most. I give YTB my personal endorsement and approval.

All the best,
Kenneth McDonald

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