What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

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Fastest Way to First Check

Post by nocci01 on Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:29 pm

Don't make excuses
Get results
Sell something or sponsor someone

BTW...when a high school grad decides that he/she wants to be a doctor or an fast do they get their first check?

Doesn't it take years of learning and on-the-job training? In isn't much different except you're not going to get the applause from friends and family until your checks are just unbelievable.

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by roozeekuh on Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:02 am

Carlos hit it on the head earlier. It's not about how fast your system is. it's about what you're willing to put into it. it's about building that rapport with your prospects and down line. It's about providing crucial information that is valuable information.

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by TerryBarr on Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:42 pm

Thanks Kim and Julie, I'll try recommending these ideas to my new associates. This is what I like about BN, so many people are willing to give advice. When I mentioned the fastest way to that first paycheck, I meant it literally. It's not a question about getting the business to give a steady income, but to actually receive that first commission. It's an incentive every new associate needs. Remember the feeling of putting in all the effort to start a new business, but yet to reap any rewards. Sponcoring new associates is also about giving them insentive to keep going. We all need that sense of staying power.


Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by Dianne on Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:35 pm

The fastest way to earn that first paycheck? Most important is to understand the following:

There are two parts to Network Marketing which most people do no realize. There is the Network Marketing (MLM) side. This part of the business is building relationships, mentoring and coaching.

The other side is Direct Sales Marketing. This is your company with its products. Before choosing the Direct Sales Company, there are certain factors that you need to weigh. Most of all, you want to choose a 5-Pillar company. If your company can not meet most or all of the pillars, you are probably going to jump from company to company looking for that "one right company."

A lot of people do not understand the two sides of Network Marketing concept and, therefore, jump from company to company. In order to start correctly in the first place, remember that you are a Network Marketer who is there to help and assist people.

Most of those who have joined a Direct Sales company have joined with high hopes, enthusiasm and great expectations. What they did not count on was joining and then having to fend for themselves. Very typical. Most people feel like they have been set in the middle of a ghost town asking themselves: Where Did Everybody GO?

I hope this answers your question.

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by Pagosagal on Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:12 pm

Don't know what the fastest way is but a friend and teacher of mine is doing a Free teleseminar for Election Day. At least you can check it out and see if his style suits your own. If you sign up before the end of election day, even if you can't attend the live class, he'll send you a copy of it. What's to lose?
Just go to I didn't even cloak it as you can see so you don't have to go thru my line if you don't want to but sure would appreciate it if you did--just in case you like his teaching style as much as I do. ;)

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by julieh on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:53 am

One way I have found is if you have a tangible product that you can retail offline have a open house for your neighbors, Introduce what you have to offer you can get sales that way. If it is a intangible product that you can instantly get online advertise it to other network marketers.

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by forestmarie on Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:38 am

I've found the fastest way to the first paycheck is this: Make a sale! :D


Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by hathorn on Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:59 am

lizmonte wrote:How fast you earn your first check depends a great deal on the structure of your company's comp plan.

Do they have any sort of fast start program? Do they make it easy (and profitable) to sell retail in the beginning? Do they have any special bonuses for people just starting out? What kind of bonuses do you earn from selling starter packs? These are all things that you need to learn from your sponsor or upline leader.

Beyond that, you'll do better in general by following the Magnetic Sponsoring principles, but you already know that.


My first company I was in I learned that in order to make a 10,000 a month residual income I had to put 6,600 people in my downline. After I learned to look at the comp plan and policies and procedures I now am a member of another company that I only need about 400 people in my downline to make the 10,000 a month.

We must learn to look at our comp plan and policies and procedures. We may have what it takes to make the money yet the company may or may not give us that chance.

Jared Hathorn

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by bluebear on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:44 pm

I personally don't think there is a fast way to that first paycheck.You may have the perfect system,product,opportunity and so on,but to actually benefit from any of this you must have first build relationships and have followers and this doesn't happen overnight.For some people it make take years and others will never make a dime.

A great start should be by blogging,networking,advertising.If you are new to marketing ,posting free ads will get you some steady traffic example Inetgiant,Usfreeads, and so on.

True success comes to those who never give up and work smart not hard.

Re: What's your fastest way to that first paycheck?

Post by lizmonte on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:53 am

SculptedSis wrote:What's helped me is to have people come in in groups. If I have someone interested in my company I asked them who do they know that would tlake advatage of this opportunity if it was presented to them. That way not only does that person come in but they immediately have someone come in right with them. They way my opportunity is structured they would qualify for a fast start bonus and thus get an immediate paycheck. The we have them focus on doing that and teaching that downline the line.

What a great idea, Kim! I'll definitely start using it right away.