Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

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Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by MichaelseBiz on Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:57 pm

All the criticism and rude remarks are actually very engaging and I want to thank each & every one of you...

Without people like you in this world, none of us would even know we need to improve so thanks again...!

Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by steverodgers on Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:54 am

Holy smokes! The guy already admitted his weakness. I think he's gonna' find his answer.

... jeez.

Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:19 pm

Michael Why cover up Pan handling with a call for help headline. You do not want help, you are so stuck on you items. that if someone brought you a free web site builder 10 times easier, you wouldn't click a mouse. When your doctor tells you about a new product that every cell in you body needs, a MLM product that has gotten full acceptance by teh global medical community! You will be the last person on the planet still paying 10 times to much for you Shaklee Products. While your cupboards are bare.

If you really want to make money in this business set up a site called and surround your self with the sheep of thew world!

Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by steverodgers on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:18 pm

Thanks Jm. I'll definitely check out those resources. I'll launch first, then start to incorporate that stuff in split tests. Like I said, I don't really like buiding websites, but once you get into the flow it gets kind of addicting.

Besides, I'm a hammer-head who absolutely like to 'know everything' :lol:


Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by drdeb on Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:51 am

Sorry to hear that you are not having suceess. Unfortunately .. and ultimately fortunately... you must learn more about the inner you. Really. Ask questions as to why you think you are not making it? are you holding yourself accountable to your goals that you have set? Have you seriously sat down and written them out? do you really know what you want?

You most likely have the ability to be a massive leader, you just need to lose the "lack mentality" because that is what you keep attracting. And bro, it's not easy... I know... especially while you are in this frame of mind. Bottom line is you have to make a decision about where you want to be by writing a 90 day plan to start of what you really,really want, with exact specific details..... think out of the box and think huge that's what rich sucessful people do. Work from the end backwards.

Not sure what your beliefs are but check, there is so much free information about breaking these nasty emotions that are robbing you of your dreams. I personally tap with essential oils, if you decide to do that, it allows for faster attraction due to the power of the oils hitting the reflex points... please be careful not to get oils in your eyes. I also work out to power songs... music therapy while exerting energy is so benifical. Pick the songs you like that transmit power thoughts to your inner core.

Focus on building your self up to the true leader that you are and purposely, moment by moment choose not be robbed of that any more. Also check out the Sedona mind support there that I found helpful as well. Vow to stay committed to your goals and yourself. Find a partner... so that you both can hold each other accountable and just do it...

You will make it! especially if you hang here and get inspired by the many leaders.

wishing you the best

Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by malikasvp on Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:28 am

@JM If your referring it you may as well become an affiliate. Its free and it pays out two levels and is residual. Most people think SBI is for beginners but it is actually more like for the NON TECHIE and is taught as a web-business course in major universities.

I actually just applied to become one of the instructors just a few weeks ago.

SBI is builds web sites like tanks... pound for pound they destroy competition with the right driver but is dangerous in the wrong hands. It puts all your tools together in one place and you don't need to buy a damn thing else! NOT EVEN A TRAFFIC GETTING COURSE!

No one wants to do more that they absolutely have to do. And SBI takes care of the heavy lifting so all the site owner has to focus on is content creation and syndication... According to Charles Heflin (who now working with Ferny and Ray), that's all we should be focusing on anyway.

The stuff other people have to learn, do and BUY to do all SBI does is NOT appealing to most non techie, me especially. I've had to outsource my wordpress/sbi integration because I don't wan to learn that stuff at all!

Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by jwright on Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:01 am

Steve - Have you checked out CSS Mastery by Andy Budd? Also, if you want to learn how to put some new kinds of bells and whistles on your sites, pick up DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith. Learning some simple DOM scripting can help you get really creative with your content. DOM stands for Document Object Model, for those that are curious, google it.

Also, for anyone about to try to learn some html and css on their own, I'd recommend HTML Dog as it walks you through from the basics in a very easy to understand way, and gets you learning standards-based coding from the foundation, which will be invaluable in the long run I promise. You can also do tutorials on the site, to get started if you don't want to pay for the book. The book is worth it though, for sure.

Just some thoughts.

Malika - You are are right about the purpose of SBI and that it is a great tool for that purpose. I believe a lot of that has more to do with training and tools that come with it rather than what is actually under the hood of the website that gets built.

I am not an affiliate, but I recommend it to newbies to website building who don't want to try to learn how to do it all on their own (or get it all done on their own, even if they aren't necessarily doing each and every part). I've walked a few people through it as well, but not in the last couple of years.


Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by jasoncercone on Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:44 pm


I think it's time to simplify your whole approach and get back to basics. I read your profile, and I noticed Mike Dillard as one of your contacts.

You need to start off with the basic fundamentals learned in Magnetic Sponsoring. If you're looking for the extra income that you can put towards your SBI! site, you need to start advertising some affiliate products, such as the Magnetic Sponsoring course itself.

And if you're looking to keep the budget free, you can use free sources like CraigsList and Backpage to generate some traffic towards your affiliate. Based on how much you have to spare, you can set up a Google Adwords campaign to generate some traffic as well.

Also, set up a blog and start driving traffic to that, with a link to your affiliate product (ex. Magnetic Sponsoring).

You can use the blog to share your network marketing and Shaklee experiences, how and why you got involved, and start positioning yourself as a leader.

Based on your profile, my assumption is that you're still using some "old school" methods of marketing, basically talking to people you see on the street based on whether they look at you. I'm not sure how well this method is working for you, but again, I'm assuming it's not working very well or all of us wouldn't be making this attempt to help you!

Remember, position yourself as a leader, offer a valuable front-end affiliate product to your customers that can HELP them, earn your customer's/prospect's trust, THEN present them your opportunity.

The more you do this, and the more affiliate sales you make, the more income you'll generate, which can help you get your SBI! site up and running again.

If you haven't set up an affiliate program with Magnetic Sponsoring and would like to start generating some income to fund your advertising budget, click on the following link to learn more:

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and your business!

See you at the top,

Jason M. Cercone
Phone: 412-965-8428
Email: [email protected]

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Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by malikasvp on Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:26 pm

Far more than that Nate trust me... When I show webmasters what I get for 299 a year they all agree it worth WAY more than that! Check it out here:

This 1 dimensional list hardly does it justice but I'll be posting videos about it soon!


Re: Don't Even Try to Help Unless You're Able...!

Post by unselfishnate on Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:54 pm

$299/year?? That is a lot. Is that for hosting your own domain as well or just using the service?