WebProsperity vs. MyBizPack

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Re: WebProsperity vs. MyBizPack

Post by mbristol on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:59 pm

Hello Jeff,

I am also a full time UFirst Agent for almost two years now at the ground floor. I saw webprosperity about a week ago and knew about the release of United First Financials MyBizPack. Since I have been in United First Financial for this long and knew of the high integrity of the company and it's founders and how amazing the products are. I knew that I was to hold out for the release of MyBizPack. Plus to top it off the company was featured in Success From Home Magazine this month.

Keep up the good work Jeff.

Michael Bristol

Re: WebProsperity vs. MyBizPack

Post by rose0366 on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:52 pm

Hi Jeff,

The main differences I can see right off the bat, would be the UDeduct - tax analysis tool, Google, and the magazines. They may or may not be worth the extra $69/mo. to you, but they aren't in my book. You can learn everything you need to know about Google from PPC Domination, to be newly released from Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi. Also, WebProsperity does not have the initial sign up fee of $299.00. It's free to check it out. Either you want it because it will benefit your buisness and you will use it, or you don't. There is two price points. $59.95 and a reduced $29.95 membership. This is a monthly fee. I was paying $59.95 just for 1ShoppingCart (autoresponder). I don't know if there is an affiliate program associated to MyBizPack, but there is with WebProsperity. So you can essentially make money through referrals that would in turn offset the monthly cost of your membership fee.

Best of luck to you!

WebProsperity vs. MyBizPack

Post by jkhoffman on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:18 pm

Hello, everyone.

I was intrigued today when one of the company's I'm involved with, United First Financial, sent me an email announcing their new product: MyBizPack. (Disclosure: My link.)

In a nutshell:

  • Contact Manager - Keep your calendar online, and be notified of your appointments by email or SMS.
  • Autoresponder - You all know what this is... drip marketing via email.
  • Video Tracking - Load any video you like into the system, then email it to your prospects. Be notified when they watch it, and know exactly how much of it they watched, and how many times.
  • GoToMeeting - We've all used this. It rocks, and it's bundled into BizPack.
  • Success Magazine - You get a subscription to Success Magazine, with a bonus DVD each month from various Personal Development teachers and business experts.
  • Marketing - Place "local" ads on Google and similar services by city or zip code. Also comes with email templates, a monthly client newsletter, and educational training on direct mail and online marketing.
  • UDeduct - An analysis tool that you can use, when recruiting someone to your business, to identify the tax monies they can save as a home business owner. Also has a module to track your actual expenses and organize it all for tax time.

It's going to cost $299 to join, though it's free for the next 60 days. The monthly is going to be $129. It sounded like a lot to me until I realized how much I pay for GoToWebinar.

The compensation plan is pretty simple... works almost identically to uFirst's compensation for the Money Merge Account. Pretty nice payout.

I'm curious of everyone's opinion on this, given the recent hoopla over WebProsperity. Obviously, they are very different packages, but they're certainly targetting the same market.

What do you see as the pros and cons of each system, and why?

Will each system attract the same people, or are they going after different segments of the home business market?

What will MyBizPack have to do, or be, to win out over WebProsperity, given its headstart?

Warm Regards,