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Re: M.L.M. Tips For Your Business

Post by AemiSullivan on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:24 pm

Hey Brian!

Number 2 hit it. As soon as they're in. They need to be immediately directed to a proven system to success or esle they will be in the pool of millions of frustrated depressed distributors running around like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing where the heck to go!!
Thanks for the valuble info Brian :)

Stay Blessed
Aemi Sullivan

M.L.M. Tips For Your Business

Post by BrianWilliams on Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:05 pm

I would like to discuss a few of the most common and challenging problems in network marketing, lack of automated recruiting systems, weak training, , poor follow up methods and no-motivation.

How do you keep your team motivated and stop the revolving door of attrition, one come, one go?

The last thing you want is a down line uninspired, lacking motivation, and frankly lazy M.L.M. down line.

Learn how to drive your organization, since everyone's success depends on personal production, it is vital that you learn how to keep your team motivated.

Always remember your team depends on YOU to teach them how to duplicate success. This is the key to success. A successful line wants the big bucks as much as you do; Your downline will not continue to work hard, if they don't have quick visible success.

So, in large part, training and motivating your representatives rests on you first. However when you are starting you obviously are learning yourself, so that is where a strong up line team and support are so important. This means giving them real skills from you or your up line mentors that are measurable, predictable, and reliable.

What type of skills do they need for success? It depends on their experience level.

Here are 3 tips to focus in on to fold the corners of your Network Marketing down line to keep the newbies from falling over the edge.

1. The first things you should do is a game plan interview to find out their biggest challenges, goals and strengths. Some of them may be totally new to M.L.M.

In response, give them a step by step guide for lead generation to suit there follow-up method strengths and an expected conversion ratio. Those are the most important elements in marketing any network marketing company.

2. The biggest reason why new M.L.M. affiliates are uninspired is because they don't know how to get started and become frustrated. You will want to instruct them on what to do and most importantly lead by example.

There should be training material available from your M.L.M. company that will cover motivation and down line management. If your company does not provide this then contact your up line for support. If in the rare case you receive no up line support you may want to consider another company! You are welcome to contact me and I will offer you some guidance on motivating and building your down line.

Include training calls ending with open Q & A.

3. You need to show them how to execute and be effective. This is very critical for duplicating great results at the beginning. After listening to your training calls, a good portion of your group should be getting visible results, and be very excited to be part of your team.

Do not let them rest on their laurels. Don't let them settle for 1 or 2 sales per month when they could easily make 20 plus. Since some people's competitive levels are lower than others, appeal to their ego.

Remember rewards and recognition are great motivation. If a video-email communication has been established for your network marketing down line, you can offer up a little public praise by featuring video down line success stories in a monthly newsletter. If you do not have a video email system in place get one. This is the most critical tool in your down line management and recruiting systems.

You might even want to find a way to reward them materially. For example, you could purchase a tool that will help them in their business a lead generating program or self development course, for example and give it away free to the most improved downline member.

Remember always treat your team like you would like to be treated and don't forget there are no limits to the possibilities when you keep your team motivated. Let them know that you care about their success as much as your own, and show it by always being accessible and positive. Follow these simple yet powerful tips and watch your Network Marketing business grow.

Brian J Williams is the creator of The Internet Wealth System

Brian J Williams
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