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Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by andrew collinson on Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:27 pm

You need the self funded proposal at first to get some income coming in,but develop your own lead capture page to start branding you and building your list,Eventually you must develop your own information product such as an ebook or CD if your really want to stand out and increase your income.


Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by GregtheWriter on Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:42 am

This is the thing about systems.

For the most part they're pretty useless. Very few are any good.

If you want to get involved with one, I'd suggest getting involved in one that does something along these lines:
1. Offers a valuable informational product that you can use as the self-funded proposal.
Reasoning: Covers advertising cost, trains the lead hopeful distributor.


2. Has a lot of bells & whistles:
-Personal branding (That means YOU, a profile about YOU, your opportunity and so on.)
-A customizable auto responder service
-A lead management database
-Has training on how to promote that system online and offline.

I use both in one system personally. And the system I use allows me to pass down passwords to my downline so they can use the same capture pages, autoresponders and others tools that I am using to create success online.

These are my musings.

Unless it meets one of these two (With #1 better being VERY valuable information.) than the system is quite useless and just serves as a way to complicate things.

I've seen many network marketers not even use a self-funded proposal to market successfully. Also I have seen many not even target other network marketers. Which is where I'm starting to think the true wealth lays, in other niches.

To the top,

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by NumberOneGeneTeam on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:51 pm

I was hooked on the Lead generation systems for a long time. I got started using the Mastermind System was back when It was first introduced, I fell in love with it. Then there was only like 1 page that you could customize and I was scared to death to shoot my own video. (that was then) But after awhile I figured that it was far more profitable for me to use my own site. (costly to start but awesome).

My main reason for detering from the lead generation systems was that they were dominting the PPC market for main keywords and phrases. So the original site produced a higher opt in just due to originality.

So do whatever is working for you...if it is a system, by all means use it till it quits.

Yours In Success,

Jeff Mitchell

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by molej on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:25 pm

I started using MLM Lead System Pro a few weeks ago. I had read Magnetic Sponsoring, but was lost on the technical side. I did not know how to make capture pages. Also I do not have a lot of time to learn how to make them. So the systems gave me a quick way to make a capture page, also the training is something I desperately needed also. It helped me put what I learned in Magnetic Sponsoring into action.

I think Systems are a great place to start, but it is only a starting point.

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by thepaidgamer on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:44 pm

Everyone is rightfully skeptical to do business with anyone on the internet. You want people to join you or your opportunity, first get their trust. Not just by handing out free "courses" or "tips". Give something valuable, like yourself. You don't have to give your whole life story but, you have to put yourself out there. 90 percent of the people on my list related to me and my story. I get to know them and let them know that whether they joined my opportunity or not I would still give help them in any way I could. They have a question, I help them. They need advice, I help them. Most of my leads are people that have gotten to know me and believe that if I can do it they can do it. I mean you should have the lead capture and follow up system, but you and your personality has to come into effect somewhere down the line.

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by Dave Statler on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:43 pm

Hi Gregg,

From one newbie to another welcome to BN. After reading you about me I could swear that was something I had written. lol

If you're anything like me I'm sure your spending countless hours doing research and you're going to hit information overload trying to find the perfect solution to your post.

Well I just thought I'd share with you, the system I finally settled on and find perfect for anyone just starting out. It is explained in such great detail in step by step by both video and written instructions. The other key point is I'm sure you'll hear over and over how building your list should be your main objective and that is exactly what this product does and the best part is it actually let's you brand yourself even though your not the creator of the product.

Anyway I invite you to check out the link below (be sure to watch the video) and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me as I would be more than happy to offer any support I can.


David Statler
It's Not Get Rich Quick...It's Get Rich Forever!

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by mlmoverachiever on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:07 pm

I think Lead systems are critical to the MLM and or internet marketing business. I would have lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time prospecting the wrong way if it weren't for my lead system.

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by srcook on Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:11 pm

Hi Gregg!

Welcome to BetterNetworker!
I just tried to send you a message, but the system wouldn't let me send it,
dang... Thanks for the friend add, BTW.

MLMLeadSystemPRO is the system I use, but it's a violation of ethics at
BetterNetworker to pitch anything. In fact, it is the heart of Mike Dillard's
philosophy, so they are, understandably, very strict about that on this site.

I would not have even stated which system I use, if it were not for
the fact that I am your affiliate sponsor with MLSP ;)

In my view, simplicity is key, and all of this "branding" stuff is just lingo to
unnecessarily complicate the intangible key to success. So, let's cut to the

The key is:
just to truly and genuinely be yourself, and to reach out and intimately connect
with people on a daily basis (honestly expecting nothing at all in return).

Human beings have a huge need to connect with one another. Human infants
given sufficient food but deprived of human contact~ human touch;
will quickly perish and die. Every Single Time.

Internet marketing has make it so easy for our businesses; so much information
and technology ( and branding systems & lead generation systems) at our fingertips,
it's like fillet Mignon, like lobster tails in melted butter...mmm...

But just as a baby will die given food alone, no matter how much or how delicious,
that food can never substitute for the essential magic that genuine human warmth

Like the infant, our new business must have it's daily requirements met,
or it will not thrive, and it will not survive. (read: 97% failure rate in MLM)

I did not lift this material from somewhere else. I used my common sense and intuition
to try to provide you with what I thought you needed. Just wanted to add that because
I believe intuitive 'gut feelings' are extremely powerful and underutilized.

It's great that you are here at BetterNetworker and participating in the
community so quickly Gregg. I'll talk to you soon.


Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by sjaffe on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:44 pm

Hi Gregg-

I looked at a few lead gen. systems, chose MLM Lead System Pro: They offer a $1.00 trial where you can test-drive the system for 14 days, hop on the free webinars, etc. to assess if it's right for you.

I use MLM Lead System Pro and am currently generating many leads/day, though it does take work to make it happen. It's proven quite profitable for me, due in large part to the 11+ affiliate programs that generate sales. Here's the bottom line in my view:

(1.) Customization Potential: To brand "You Inc.", it's best to use a system where you can customize the landing pages and autoresponder with *your* videos and *your* voice. This is obvious to those familiar with attraction marketing.

(2.) Customize To Reap Full Rewards More than just using a system you accomodates, you must actually do that customization to reap the full rewards. Many don't - thus their landing page looks exactly like others who don't put in their own videos and copy.

(3.) Monetization: It's best to use a system that positions you to monetize via affiliate sales, so you profit from the 97% of people that won't join your primary program.

(4.) You Must Add Value: To really get the full benefit of these types of lead gen. systems, **you must step up and offer value to your prospects beyond what the system provides.** The top producers using lead gen. system ssuch as MLSP are doing their own webinars weekly, allowing leads to dial-in to their prospecting calls, customizing the autoresponders with helpful content they've added, etc. These are the kind of things I am doing.

Systems such as MLSP are a scaffold- YOU must add on to it to maximize the full potential.

Without trying to sound like a pitch here, is the best such system I found. The only other system that's even in the ballpark of what MLSP offers is Jonathan Budd's online MLM mastermind, which competes head-on with MLSP at a similar price point. Jonathan's stuff is very good; But MLSP offers a much larger archive of free training webinars, and some other bells and whistles Budd's system lacks (such as a PPC campaign builder).

Any questions about MLSP, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to chat with you.

Steve Jaffe

Re: Lead Generation Systems

Post by jtaiken on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:42 pm

I understand why you would have such questions. I've been wondering the same thing lately. I am currently using a lead generating system, and if I could, I would create my own site with training videos and all that good stuff. But I am very short on time...and money, and that is what's working best for me right now.

I say if you can do it, then by all means go for it. Never sell yourself short. If your gut intuition is telling you to do something different, then maybe that's exactly what you need to do. And who knows, that may even make your "brand" stand out amongst others.

Although technically when someone goes to your sales page, they are buying the company's product not yours. But when they buy it, they'll remember YOUR "brand" name, and not only that it also gives you the opportunity to then pitch your primary business to them...further branding yourself and making you the leader.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Let me know if anything you try works out for you.

Jeffrey Aiken