Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

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Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by cosmochao on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:31 pm

@ Roger:

We don't get into the "us vs. them" perspective. At least that's something we really aim for. You seem to have missed what Didi shared. That 'us vs. them' mindset prevents one from constructively connecting with others.

@ Didi, thanks for the post--your heart is in it and that's why you've grown so quickly and - of course - why you're making the big bucks! 60K a year at age 24 isn't half bad, particularly when you moved to the US only 4 years ago!

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by Diyana Alcheva on Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:32 am

@RandyGauge and/or @AConcernedBNCitizen It’s preferred to post under your screen name unless you are not confident in what you are saying unless you recognize that what you are saying can have some consequences. I don’t think that anyone doubts that this is a legitimate job offer.

@EricWalker -- Great free (in your 1 post), that one should be read several times as a minimum...these are crucial teaching points if you are looking for a job that presents opportunities such as mentorship from your boss/mentor and team members, that can increase your overall value in the market place significantly and your confidence and ability to stand alone as a business owner.

Also, Eric thanks for taking the time to describe me so well... lol...You nailed it! :) I have to say we are very much alike. :) I am glad you are a part of the team now and we get to work together and practice our intense personalities on each other. :P

@MalikaDuke Thanks for the response to our fellow “hater” marketer.

To answer your question: "Did you have to quit your personally branded business to work with the Renegade Professional?"

For anyone following the progress of Renegade University and Renegade Professional I was involved from the start in the process of creating it together with Mike Klingler. This alone was a great learning experience...although I had already been involved in witnessing and being a part of the creation of other platforms, having been working with Mike for almost 4 years now.

But to get back to this particular one you might have noticed that I was among the first to be featured all over Renegade University and Renegade Professional in video trainings and articles, as I was not only working for Mike but I was also his student from the get go and wanted to develop my own brand and business and had results to show up for. (this has always been the case, for the entire 4 years I have worked for Mike I was always also building my own business, even with the old school ways, and I was actually also involved in the community doing training and connecting with other students, in a way developing my brand)

With the development of Renegade Professional I was doing a lot of research for my own business and to also helping the development of the training platform and so I would learn a lot of things that I could then pass onto the Renegade Professional students and brand myself as an expert in whatever topic I was teaching. (you can see training by me in Renegade Professional back office, about bookmarking, Twitter, Facebook, Video Marketing, blogging..etc)

I was basically among the first trainers inside Renegade Professional -- not as an employee but as an independent marketer, branding myself just like all the other trainers. You can also look me up on the sales page of Renegade Professional. That’s all branding for me.

I started a blog, I started video marketing, I am all over the place on the Internet and most people know me as Diyana Alcheva or Didi - an attraction marketer or even a social media expert and not just a person working for Marketing Merge.

When Ann Sieg approached me for a testimonial for her book, it was not because I work for Mike Klingler, it was because my personal results I have gotten as an independent marketer.

If you check out my Twitter account, which Eric so graciously posted above :) you will see that I have almost 100 k followers .. :) just a bit more than my mentor ...hehe

So don’t believe that I am in danger of losing my personally branded business. :)

Although, a while back in one of our Mastermind sessions I evaluated my goals as a marketer and decided that I would like to brand myself as Marketing Merge Professional expert that provides value to the Renegade Professional community, and thus I started to slowly include in my videos little bits of facts that I work closely with Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg, and started to tweet about the fact that I just went off a 4 hour phone meeting with Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and Isaiah Sieg. Which none of them mind me doing…even though my role on these calls is as a team member, (the word employee is not really what we like to refer to)...I can still tweet about it on my personally branded account and leverage their credibility by putting my name next to theirs. What do you think that does to my brand? ☺

These are just the tiny details of what kind of benefits you get when you work with Mike and Ann…I am not going to even go into the learning and growing as an individual and business owner benefits.

I will admit that with the company's growth and new projects developing I am finding that I often don't have time for my own marketing, but I have come to realize that I am developing much bigger opportunities (like Mike mentioned, ownership and partnership) here and the projects I am working on are a lot more fun. In a way I have moved onto a different stage in my business.

With the evaluation of my goals I recently decided to donate my blog, which I had planned for it being something similar to what it is right now. And when brainstorming one day with Eric Walker and Mike Klingler I didn’t have to think twice when proposing to donate the blog knowing that I have the same or even bigger opportunities for branding than when working it all by myself. Just check it out, I am right on the top.

Writing all of this, once more makes me aware of how cool it is to have this job. :) And be grateful and appreciative, knowing how much I am growing and developing while I am getting to work with the best business minds, learn from them and get to also not only keep but expand and develop further my personal brand. :)

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by walkereri on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:18 pm


Honest question for you -> Don't you think if you were to reread your previous comments you'd think that your tone is harsh, and your sarcasm is rude? From an objective perspective, I think so most people would agree.

A rational (successful) person is going to read your first couple sentences and dismiss you. Bottom line, you just aren't compelling.

As a 5th grade teacher, I had a saying, "If you're going to argue, argue reasonably." You clearly aren't.

Please realize that like any place in the offline world where you'd want to have a debate, here in the online social media world, you still have to argue reasonably, and more than anything, you have to show your face. Get a pic for your profile.


Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by AConcernedBNCitizen on Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:49 pm

cosmochao wrote:@ AConcernedBNCitizen --

I don't think your mindset or attitude is the kind BN would like to attract. It doesn't attract success.

and what kind of mindset would that be mike? a good little sheep, credit card in hand, that never questions the ring leaders and simply takes orders and buys when its told when and what to buy?

its my attitude that sucks right? why? because i put you on the spot and thats against the rules? youre infallible right? so it must be me that is the bad guy here.

and whos success are you referring to? yours? well i get that too. i mean what would this world be like if you couldnt shuck your goods without question? my my the world would be a terrible place for you indeed.

but thats the kind of response i suspected youd play. its the kind of answer someone like you, whos been called out, will use to discredit the one speaking up. everythings peaches and cream, pretty rainbows and fluffy clouds as long as everyone shuts up and does what theyre told right mike?

ive gone through your application, the fact remains, all youre doing is disguising your recruiting efforts as a job posting and in either case it doesnt belong in the forum. not to mention what youre doing is just a tad bit deceiving, but i shouldnt talk about that either right? i mean that fact that its 100% {performance} based pay, instead of the {paycheck} that usually accompanies a {job} is just a dumb interpretation on my part. i mean how stupid am i to think like that?

youre right, sheesh i have a terrible attitude! what was i thinking even bringing this up? well i will get back inline now. im sure someone around here is going to remove my comments soon. wouldnt want to stir the natives right ;)

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by cosmochao on Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:35 am

@ AConcernedBNCitizen --

I don't think your mindset or attitude is the kind BN would like to attract. It doesn't attract success.

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by AConcernedBNCitizen on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:24 pm

i have to say that i think it is absolutely repulsive to see the kind of preferential treatment this crew is receiving on this forum. any other person here on any given day would have had their ass shut down in a heart beat had they posted something like this and labeled a spammer.

call it what you will mike - you're recruiting under the guise of a "job offer!" there is nothing in this thread that adds value, therefore this should have been in the opportunity section.

but apparently you and mrs sieg are above the law when it comes to following forum rules.
criticize all you want, i dont care - but you're wrong - and the moderator is wrong for letting it continue!

and the big flashy banner on the homepage is an insult to all the members here.
we all sat through ferny's bitter account of his quarrel with ann - and now they're being pimped out and pushed in our faces? how stupid do you people think we are?

i for one have lost a tremendous amount of respect for this forum
if you tried this crap on the warrior forum you would have been flamed like a gay pride march on a sunny day!

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by cashattraction on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:22 pm

Thanks Mike...and yep, I submitted an application. I understand the position is for a copywriting position but it didn't hurt to try. I've been working extremely hard studying all the most popular (...and coolest) Guru Marketers. I love the behind the scenes visual type of stuff.......the copy is extremely important! But the power words you use can be all that much better. I've read a share of your stuff, mostly Sales Pages because that's the most interesting.

I'm glad you got the chance to see what I've been doing and thanks for the compliment.

Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by cosmochao on Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:50 pm

@Mike Morgan -- Great Stuff Mike! Note that this particular position is for copywriting--be sure to submit an application and go through the process. Admittedly, it's a rigorous process --

@Malika - Hey there! We gotta catch up definitely. Been trying to get my arms around how to meet people's needs with the project we talked about, and have it fit into other stuff going on. You may have left that behind but we're still pondering it. There are some fundamental things we're still getting put into place at Renegade Professional that have us working in over-drive, but the supportive elements like what you've proposed will follow.

I might let Didi know of your question Malika and she may have more to say on this--but I can respond here too... We actually don't ask people who work with/for us to stop 'branding' and marketing themselves -- they can continue as long as they can meet their responsibilities with us. We actually look for opportunities to help them build their brand/exposure, as long as they contribute as a trainer or coach -- or provide value to the community in some capacity like our other partners (Super Guides, coaches, trainers, expert content providers, etc). With that said, people like Didi have partnership and ownership opportunities, so in that regard, the company might become her personal brand.

Since we have created a model that encourages people to grow and create new value in the marketplace, we extend this to everyone we associate with, including employees and independent contractors (just as with partners like Super Guides, Trainers and Coaches). We often give people access to our resources (financial and otherwise), and are working on many partnership projects where people who once or presently work for/with us are moving into ownership projects in association with us.


Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by malikasvp on Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:11 pm

Hey DiDi,

Carolin brought up a great point. Did you have to quit your personally branded business to work with the Renegade Professional?


Re: Work For Ann Sieg & Mike Klingler: Can a JOB be Your Ticket?

Post by Diyana Alcheva on Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:57 pm

Definitely! I am developing my entrepreneurial skills at the speed of light! I highly recommend people star in business by finding a mentor to work with and for FIRST. It will speed things up fast. It definitely has for me and making more money than any of my friends at my age, but more importantly I am learning every aspect of growing a business from the ground up without the risk.

Partners in Progress,
Diyana Alcheva (DiDi)