Perry Marshall's MLM Insights...

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Re: Perry Marshall's MLM Insights...

Post by rocket182 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:50 pm

thx for the post; I'd agree with him. MLM teaches you first hand what you need to know about how to market and sell to people properly. You are forced to unless you like rejection over and over again!

Re: Perry Marshall's MLM Insights...

Post by dkotecki on Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:18 am

I really like Perry Marshall. He always gives out good information, and he doesn't pull any punches. If you like getting the straight story the way he sees it, I would recommend you check this out. He's more than just "that adwords guy".

Perry Marshall's MLM Insights...

Post by wwuenator on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:59 pm

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you all know that I got an email from Perry Marshall, saying he's writing a new email series about how he's benefited from his earlier days in MLM. I'd suggest you all sign up to his email series.

Here's his message...


I've written many emails & newsletters about my Multi-Level
Marketing days. "My life as a naive enthusiastic Ambot" and all
that. Mostly they've been rants and they've been kind of

But there's a different side to that story and I've determined
to reveal it in a new email series. My Director of Alchemy, Jack
Born, has been prodding me to do this and I finally decided:

It's time.

My own Amway saga, though notoriously unsuccessful,
made a HUGE contribution to who I am today. What I do
and how I do it.

In this series I separate the dirt from the gold and reveal:

-Why MLM'ers Make the Best Marketers (there's a twist for ya)
-Why Most MLM'ers Fail - And Why They Don't Have To
-Why Being an MLM'er Prepared Me to Dominate Adwords
-Secrets of marketing psychology that the network marketing
industry teaches better than anyone else
-Even if you have no experience with MLM (and never intend to),
what skills and lessons can you "borrow" from the MLM industry
to become a more effective marketer?
-Were you in MLM years ago, and left the whole experience
behind? I'll put my finger on skills you acquired that currently
lay dormant - and activate them

I don't know how long this series will run. I know there's at
least a couple weeks worth of HOT material here. For the most
part you can expect to get a message every day. I may be adding
new twists for months.

But in any case it will be some of the most important content
I've put out in the last couple of years. Click here and you'll
be added to the email sequence:

Oh, and one more thing: I will never, at any time, promote any
MLM program nor accept invitations to do so. This email series
is a permanent "no MLM pitch" safe zone.

If you're in an MLM program now, you can safely refer your
friends and business associates. If you're not in an MLM program
and don't want to be in one, you have nothing to worry about.
You'll get nothing but penetrating insights, I promise.

Click here and you'll be added to the email sequence:

* To refer a friend, send them to this page:

To Your Success,

Perry Marshall