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Re: Advice To Newbies

Post by unselfishnate on Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:38 pm

Excellent post Steve! I particularly like the connecting and maintaining a long term relationship with your leads - just because they won't join your primary business doesn't mean you can't benefit from a mutual relationship!


Re: Advice To Newbies

Post by hushy on Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:21 pm

You are correct. Especially on the auto responder. If your going to buy a car. Your not going to walk in and buy it. You generally go back to the dealer ship and talk to the salesman a few times. The auto responder works the same way. Only in reverse.

This way the prospects never have to leave the house. They do however get to know who you are. Then they will get to trust you. People willl always buy from someone they trust.

Advice To Newbies

Post by swood01 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:35 pm

Based on a few mistakes I made when I joined a Network Marketing,
I would like to help prevent others from the mistakes I made.

To build a business online, it requires having people to market to. This
means getting leads either through free methods of advertising or paid
methods. Either way they are costing because "time is money" and it takes
a lot of time to generate "free" leads!

1- Most N.M. companies have capture pages made for you and ready to go.
The problem is the lead is placed in a data base that is with the company.
If you leave that company, in most cases you leave your list. Any person
who is serious about building an online business should always start with
having their own autoresponder set up. No exception! Get leads into
your autoresponder first!

2- Realize that 90% or more of your leads will not join your primary opportunity.
With most N.M. companies, you just mark them off and move on to the next.
In my last company, their favorite saying was SWSWSW (some will, some won't,
so what) move on to the next one. Well that sounds good but it leaves a lot of
money on the table you could have made. What if you had captured those leads
into your own autoresponder and marketed other items to them (like their own
autoresponder) that you would have gotten a 25% affiliate commission on?

3- Build a long-term relationship with your list of contacts (not always trying to sell
but offering them good information) and sooner or later, some of them will join
your primary business down the road.

4- If you have a blog, provide videos and training to your list and send them to
your blog and ask them to leave a comment.

5- When looking for a funded proposal, look for one that has at least one year
of emails loaded and written to market to your list. This will save you hours of
work, especially if the emails have been written by a professional marketer who
understands the importance of building a relationship with your prospects.

These steps should make success within the reach of almost anyone who takes
action and works consistently.

To Your Success,