Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

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Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by Darreguin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:54 am

Yes... what Richard said was very powerful.

He might have been letting that one pile up in his subconscious for some time... or at least it seems as if he's had some time to think about it.

But when it comes down to it, regardless of what you decide to do, there are 2 MAJOR things you should never neglect.

1. The You,Inc. business model and building your brand. That way you always stand for something and nothing in particular. That way you are unaffected by what your company and or products do behind you. That doesn't matter.

Think of it like Brad PItt. He might work for a certain production company, but at the end of the day... people buy tickets and watching his movies because of one thing. They buy it because of Brad Pitt.

YOU NEED TO BE THE BRAD PITT of your business and in your life.

2. Is your education. I know that seems a little cliche, but let me explain.

Most people would say, "buy this book", "watch this dvd", "listen to this cd", but what people are really saying is ... I can't help you, maybe this can. Then when people discover that that specific tool didn't increase their bottum line, they get discouraged and march off with a bad taste in their mouth.

So let's be specific when we talk about education. What I am primarily talking about here is the need to further your "PERSONAL" education. Meaning, increase your skill base by learning a new task and ACTUALLY implementing it. Then going back and making adjustments. (This doesn't mean calling yourself a coach!) :(


Most people have not a clue about both and when it comes down to it... neither of these two things have anything to do with your company. In fact, I'd say the only time you ever promote a product as a product is when you are taping into the possibilites as a affiliate item much like what Richard talked about.

Other than that... it's always been and will always be about you and your leadership and how that will help others achieve the success they know they deserve and desire. You have to ask yourself... why are these people following?

It's not about your bright and shiny smile, it's not about your car, it's not about your success... it's about the value you bring to them and how it will help them to a better tomorrow.

Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by JoycePenner on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:55 am

Wow do I feel pretty darn good.

Just finished my 5th chapter on my ebook I'm writing and Richard worded it a little different than I did but the premise was the same. You CAN be all things to ALL people who want any number of things you have to offer.

You target the audience with the message (product, You Inc., System or ?) and then pull in the dollars from each different marketing strategy you are using.

An all around business owner.

Great topic.

Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by daddio2273 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:14 am

Wow! Richard Bravo covered a lot of ground in his reply, didn't he? His answer is the answer to the question.

The You, Inc. model has served me well. Last March (2010), the company I had been working with announced it was going with a different distribution system, and it didn't include network marketing any more. The end of the month was the end of many distributors home businesses.

For me, it was simply a matter of scrubbing my website of references to that company, making sure my existing customers knew how to continue to get their product, and hooking up with a new, and as it's turned out, a more profitable venture.

Positioning myself first and owning my own list made it a nearly seamless transition from one company to the next. The strategy kept me in business as opposed to others who had totally aligned themselves with the company and had to start completely over or worse, lose their dreams & quit the industry.

Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by sponsordad on Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:10 am

There you have it folk - when that man Richard Bravo talks...

We should ALL take note!!

Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by RichardBravo on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:04 pm


I take a different view than most probably...

My answer is this:
It depends completely on the "campaign" and the "campaign goals."

There are far too many people approaching things from a black and white perspective.
Far too many people accepting opinions and the results of others as gospel.
Far too many people thinking far too small.

Here's what I mean...

Donald Trump said it best: "Think BIG and Kick Ass!"

1. Why can't you run an effective campaign promoting a product?
In the affiliate space and CPA offer arena, we do this all day long.
There are no "attraction marketing" rules. There are no "build value first" rules.
In fact there are very few rules outside of the realm of "don't break the law."
In this space, you put the product right up front and sell the hell out of it.
Giving people exactly what they want, on the fly, when they are looking for it.

You don't waste time on tire kickers.
You don't waste time on wannabes.
And you don't waste time on people that weren't going to buy in the first place.

You start out, right out of the gate, "attracting" buyers.
And when they find "your stuff" - they buy.

It has nothing to do with you.
Know like and trust? Ha!... consumers could care less.
When was the last time you bought groceries because you know, like and trust the people who own the grocery store?

You bought your groceries because you need food and that store met your requirements for price, selection, location(convenience) and any combination of the three.

You think that process is exclusive to grocery stores or "retail" stores?
Think again...

2. Why can't you run a successful campaign promoting your network marketing company?

If I'm not mistaken, I've seen hundreds of presentations and webinars with people teaching and talking about keyword research that involves targeting company names and product names as target keywords for a PPC or social media ad.

Now what is stopping you from promoting the fact that you are an emerging or successful marketer representing that company? That's what people are looking for right? Unless the keyword research is bogus. Which would mean that the only people affecting the keyword data is other marketers. But I doubt that. "Non marketers" and "non mlm-ers" are searching for information on mlm and network marketing companies. Either to try the product or join a good team and align with a partner that can show them the ropes.

Think of college campuses for instance and fraternities and sororities.
Do the students join the house because they "have a great product?"
No way... they join the house (the club, the team) because of the prestige it accompanies.
They join because they want to be part of the "cool" crowd.

Think that process is exclusive to a fraternity or sorority?
Really? Think again...

3. Obviously you can run a successful campaign targeting the You Inc model and principles. But what are you supposed to do... stay broke till you're more valuable to the market place?
No thanks.

So why would you dismiss the other 2 avenues just because the current dogma says not to?
Have you tested it yourself?
Do you know for a fact that those types of campaigns do not work?
Or are you "taking someone's word for it?"

In all my years as a freelance designer and solo entrepreneur one lesson I have learned repeatedly is this... Test Everything For Yourself

But, there's a catch.
You've got to have the cojones to do it.
You've got to have the moxy to see it through.
You have to be willing to take a risk.
And god forbid... you have to be willing to lose money.

Stop treating your business like a hobby or some damn welfare system that owes you something and start treating like the international money getting powerhouse that it is.

Start treating it like the key to your personal freedom that it is.

Start acting like the CEO of You Inc!

Start thinking and taking action "outside of the box!"

FREEDOM always comes with a price.
If you aren't willing to pay that price then you better stick to W2 income
and the "security" of a paycheck, because you've chosen the wrong line of work.

Re: Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by marketingmingle on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:32 pm

Hi Tracey, my thoughts are these. if you wnat to be a salesperson then YOU don't matter the product (you're selling) and the company (you're seeling for) does matter. However, if you are a business person then the YOU counts all the way to the bank. Because people can replicate you by being just themselves.

Best Regards
Graham J O'Connor

Which comes first? Positioning YOU or Your company?

Post by TraceyWalker on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:21 pm

Ya know, as an online marketer, I have had my share of building up my brand, producing content to share with the market and working my butt off to help people see ME as the person to sign up with, as opposed to the company, per se.

However, it seems as if for many, the process of delivering value to the market can be their demise. Now don't get me wrong, I am a true believer that the marketplace pays for value, and the more value you can deliver, the better your chances are of enrolling new distributors through leveraging the net.

But what do we do for those who can't seem to get done what needs to be done as it relates to value? Do we just say forget it, let's just get people signed up into your opportunity, leveraging your upline, or do we continue to press them to learn, develop and deliver value first, knowing that the process can take months, and possibly discouraging the newbie marketer?

What are your thoughts on this matter?