Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

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Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by bvhg on Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:57 pm

Cool Post (great...just got my five points!)

Just kidding.

So there is subjective and objective going on here. I'm with Dave, the notion that you just keep putting out and make no invitation or call to action unless someone is begging you is not effective. Sales 101: You have to ask for the order! If you have relevant content on your site then heck yes, give the link.

The other side of that is the very founder of this site puts forth posting on forums to build you list. But there is a process and providing value and building rapport are premier steps that are being skipped.

Same thing is happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and other 2.0 platforms. But what is the solution? Make a bunch of rules and kill the site? Put a Gestapo in charge (and subject everyone to HIS filter)?

When I see something wacky, I send a private message (if I am confirmed as a friend/associate) and if I can't get past that filter then I might make a comment on the forum. I would hope to receive similar consideration with anyone who might take exception to something I post.

I've noticed that the ones who get called on the carpet have only one of two responses: they disappear or they recognize that they did something out of etiquette and they adapt.

We should be here to become better networkers. In the process of becoming better networkers we will attract people OR at least have painted an image in the minds of those we reach out to In Real Life (remember, no law says you can't ask someone for a phone number-and their signature should have umpteen ways to contact them). Out of the gazillions of connections I've made, only two people have every taken the initiative to call me.

BN has tons of value and if you are a premium member, the monthly content there is well worth it. As a matter of fact, the last two interviews have dealt with this very subject. We are on the leading edged of an "industry slap".

Heaven knows I'm not perfect. I'd hope that every post I make is flawless, appropriate and unique in value. I know that's not true. Maybe someday it will be, in the mean time I hope we can all be patient with each other and have the courage to protect the best site of it's kind on the internet.

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by marketingmingle on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:29 pm

Hey Guys and Gals don't sweat it. This problem will always exist, so take a leaf out of Ayn Rand's book.

Q: What do you think of me....

A: ...I don't think about you.

Best Regards
Graham J O'Connor

P.S. You can buy Ayn Rand books by clicking this link - lol

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by Nemo on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:13 pm

I think that this topic is long overdue, but having said that I personally think that this particular topic is not unique just to this Forum but to most of the world at the present time. I first came on to this Forum about two years ago and at that time the general theme was network marketing in all it's many different forms but now many of the people that were then talking about mlm are now changing horses and they are no longer saying build a future business but they have changed to a 'new' system where they now say amost the complete opposite of that by telling people that there money is going to be worthless in 2/3 years time (but they still want your money now, strange that)? and as of yet I still have not seen the 'opportunity' that they are talking about (other than buying gold). I would have thought that if there is a 'master key' whereby we could possibly help our fellow man that any decent person would have been only to happy to give it away FREE OF CHARGE.

In fact many of the top people on this Forum (no names please) have changed their mlm business's for greener fields. For those of you that are not familiar with what I am refering to I am not gonna put a link in here but feel free to check out 'Jekyll Island Federal Reserve Bank' on Youtube.

One of the other main issues that has raised it's head over the last 3/4 years is the December 2012 end of the world story/hype/forecast call it what you will that is going around now (and gathering more momentum every day) I believe that this is one of the top selling books on Clickbank at the moment as well. So with the cocktail of those two cheerful forecasts plus the decline in our live styles and incomes that I need not even bother to explain is it any wonder that the atmosphere on here has changed somewhat in the last couple of years?
Is it also any wonder that people are reluctant to start building a business from home that could maybe start showing a decent profit after maybe the next two or three years?. Let us not be ostriches and pretend that every thing is the same in the world today as it was just a few short years ago..... as the old saying goes "when you are in a hole, stop digging" anyway thats my thoughts on this topic, thanks for the post, regards Jim T.

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by RLCrews on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:10 pm

At first glance I didnt think I would ,reply to this post here . but was wrong . I hope I stay on subject here

I have seen exactly what is being referred to here and I haven't even been here that long. I am learning what and how to do it here as well . I am so new to all of this social networking thing i am sure I have made many mistakes , and by no means thru making them

I can remember my last learning experience very well , and was shown I was half the problem there . i had gotten off the topic at hand and was defending a method of use instead of the question that was asked is it legal or not . So now I do my best to remain focused and ad value .

I am in the process of learning how to add the value as well . What i mean is I have value to add but how do I present that value so that people see it . This is what ABN is for I think , learning from one another while marketing our self to others .

So far when i start a new post I have a goal in mind with that post . I am searching for ideas , a new twist perhaps on something I already do , and to generate conversation with others so that we all can learn from those who already have a degree of success a successful method that can be duplicated . It is very possible I have misunderstood the meaning of our network , ( that's very easy for me to do lol ) i am thinking that better networkers means that is what we will become from being here.

WE each will have our own style. But need to be shown a few things along the way . Hopefully each of us will have and use proper ethics and business practices as we grow , but we have already seen this may not be the ethics of some here .We will have to depend on the mods here to keep the apple barrel fresh
In my learning experience you have to be shown your mistakes to grow . Some here dont know what they have done me included . show me tell me I will correct myself . I say that those here who know better, should get more than a slap on the back of there hand . The old saying " 1 bad apple can ruin the whole barrel" and now we have nothing but rotten apples.

I also think if done correctly what we are aloud to do with our signatures is great , only because we can possible fulfill someones need at a given time . I know that i see others and sometimes respond or want to know more about that person

There I go again rambling on and on . Hope I stayed focus and on topic . I am learning I hope LOL

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by jagannivasan on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:13 am

I miss the old BN where I virtually learned from every article/forum post.

I totally agree with you Joyce. I just cannot say how much I have actually learnt from this site.
This site does need some active moderators.

Jagan Krishnan

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by san on Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:53 pm

If there was a 'thanks' button, I'd have pressed it. Used to be a Karma one back when this was the Magnetic Sponsoring forum, but it seems to have been overlooked in BN. Be good if it was brought back. :D

As to what is going on here...

I stopped coming in a long while ago. The tendency towards thinly disguised spam has been going on for a long time and I guess I just liked it the way it was before, when you could come in here and learn soooooo much and make new friends and even business partners.

However, I have to applaud you for taking a stand against it. If enough folks care about it, report posts, ignore the spammers, drown them out with your useful content... :?:

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by Cheryl_James on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:07 pm

Michael, I was not referring to you with the comment of getting slammed. You have always been kind enough. I think that we have all learned a thing or two here and it is time to move on :)

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by mbaker417 on Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:19 am

I have to agree with you on your point about My post. I should have said something to you before this post. I did not mean to blind side you with this, I should have hit it head on. It just kind of built up to this in my mind over time.

I want to thank you for your reply to my post.

Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by JoycePenner on Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:16 am

Michael. Don't think anyone was talking about you so don't think that this is personal.

On your post you generally tell us that you have addressed a particular topic and then put a link with an invite to your show. What happens with me (personally) is I don't have the time during any particular day to listen or watch an hour long show. I would prefer you give a summary of your take on the topic, then invite to the show for a more in depth answer if someone chooses to go deeper.

Maybe that's just me. Your opinions are good, well worth absorbing but I rarely have the luxury of watching the whole show.


Re: Rant – What The Hell Is Going On In The Forum?

Post by michaelnovak on Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:59 am

Cheryl_James wrote:OMG Marty. I am so glad you posted that. I was thinking it but knew that somewhere, somehow, I would get slammed for saying it :evil:

Have I slammed you before Cheryl? If so, I apologize because it was not intentional.

Let me ask everyone else, have I said things that have offended you? If so I apologize as I was not aware of it.

If someone else has "on my behalf" I unfortunately have no control over that. When I have seen it, I have made sure to let the individual know that it was not appropriate. But I will apologize for their actions as well.

Cheryl_James wrote:I think what is going on here is that there is an underground tribe, of sorts, that are trying their best to take over the airways. They are using every method in the book including spam. Oh... and be warned... don't call them out unless you have sufficient backup ;)

There is no "underground" tribe and I am not sure what you mean by "take over the airways" but that is not the goal at all. And I am not certain why you are scared to call me out on it. Again have I personally attacked you? Feel free, any time to send me a personal message if you see me doing something wrong in the community. I am open to correction, because I admit, sometimes I do make mistakes.

mbaker417 wrote:I covered this in my tv show check it out here.
What do you guys think, because it is linked to a video posted on BN do you think this is ok?

IMO.This is still spam.

Next time, I ask that if you see something that I am doing that you believe is spam (or anything I may be doing wrong or could use improvement), please call me on the carpet for it. Send me a private message and provide your input instead of waiting for an opportune time to air your thoughts on a thread where you feel you have enough defense to not get "slammed." Again to the best of my knowledge I have not slammed anyone, and if I have, please let me know as it was not intentional.

So with that said, I would like to apologize to the community for my actions regarding my spammy actions. Although they were not intended as such, I can see how they have been taken as spam. In the future, you will not see me posting links to my recordings in the forum.