What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

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Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by jayman732819 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:11 am

So , the biggest hurdles thus far are
2. Investment/Risk
3. Skepticism

Would love to hear good ideas on overcoming this?

Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by boliver228 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:02 am

For me , recruiting is the easy part. I wake up every morning with various email notifications of new sign ups. Do you want to know the first thing I think? Now for the hard part.

The hardest part is definately trying to keep those affiliates. too many are looking for a get rich quick scheme, or give up because they find the program too complicated and they are not willing to learn. People dont understand this is a business, not an online program where you click a program and watch the money roll in. If you were going to start a real physical business, you would be lucky to work less than 60 hours a week. So surely you can work 10 hours a week at SFI?

So there you have it, the hardest part about recruiting, is getting people to stay once they have joined.

Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by MikeSherratt10 on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:54 pm

In my early days as a Network Marketer, I have encountered several problems recruiting people into my business. I presented my business opportunity well, I got them to be interested in the income and freedom they can have by owning their own business. However, many of them hesitated to sign up as a distributor and get the business started. After several encounters, I find out the reasons why.

People who are afraid of venturing into MLM or Network Marketing and even beginning the training must have some pretty compelling reasons why. After inquiring, not to my surprise, it was never about choosing to work for another persons business, but rather the crippling fear of beginning your own. Let's dismiss some of these fears.

Firstly, It takes a bit much money.
Individuals don't have mega money to invest in a business or rather, many find it risky to put money into a business.

Secondly, it calls for too much time and training.
Individuals don't prefer to work 80 hours a week for the beginning year or two to get their business running.

Thirdly, There's a bit much risk.
Many businesses fail in the first 2 years, and they'd have to quit their job, so there was no security.

Fourthly, They don't understand how.
Most individuals have never taken any business courses or had any business experience.

Surprisingly, 'I don't know how' is the single most common fear (that's where the MLM training comes in).

Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by paysuccessforward on Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:59 pm

Let's see... your short question asks "what are the biggest challenges you face recruiting?"

And then your excessively long signature includes "Tired of Recruiting? We Recruit for you, We Build Your Business. Collective Recruiting- Recruiting Problems Solved"

Looks like a poorly disguised ad to me.

btw, the forum rules state that your signature cannot have more than 5 lines. The Better Networker Police :geek: frown on people who have 7 lines.

Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by RobWynkoop on Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:13 pm

For me the main issue is not in the recruiting, but getting others to step out of their comfort zones once they've signed up. I've seen the power of making that first list of potential business partners in action, but it's difficult for people to commit to calling their network to introduce it to them.

I'm sure many will here will flog me as most on this forum believe you should only be mining leads from the Internet and never having to talk to people you know... That's tele-marketing in my book and the business here is called network marketing last time I checked.

A motivated person working through their warm market with a good upline leader using the 3way call can have a never ending supply of leads and build deep, healthy downlines.

Re: What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by Rob Hammond on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:36 pm

I think the two mental hurdles to get over is
1. Joining a business involves an investment of money.
2. A job is different from a business.
For a while I had a lot of trouble getting over those two mindsets, but now I just use a lead generation funnel to weed out the people who are either broke or looking for a job.
But I'd definitely say that those are two big things in our industry.

What are your biggest recruiting problems ?

Post by jayman732819 on Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:29 pm

Hey all
What are the biggest hurdles you have to overcome in growing your downline, namely, what are the biggest challenges you face recruiting?