Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

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Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by mlsanders on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:02 am

Hi, Bily. I would say that I was one of those who joined several MLM opportunities that I was not successful in.
I sold insurance for awhile. I took the training and took the insurance course. It was something I thought I wanted to do, because somebody suggested it to be a great venture to start.
I tried other ventures before that like home phone services. Those went under with the advent of cell phones.
Next, somebody else suggested me to try a new product on the market. I joined, received the product monthly and did not know what to do with it. With no training with it, I started giving it away to attract attention to the product. I learned then that giving away the products does not work in a limited budget.
Other ventures I tried went the same way. Little training resulted in no results.
Then I tried something that I was truly interested in. Something that I had done research in and looking for a remedy. When I came upon the product, I also received the training to promote the product which I got more excited about as I learned more about the product and its benefits.
My suggestion to you is to find something that you can get excited about. That one drive that would carry you through thick and thin of the business as you learn and reach others. :idea:

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by cashcouple on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:49 am

There have been a lot of great comments on this question. Everyone is different and approaches their business different so it makes a lot of sense that there are very different opinions on this.
How you think about Network Marketing will have a great influence on how you answer this question.
But here is something to think about. There are hundreds of premier companies out there.
Every company that has a successful track record has leaders that teach techniques that work.

If you find a company that you like, you can do your research and find someone in that company to get the training. People sponsor shop all of the time. Just a thought.

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by Les_Leslie on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:37 pm

Hey Billy: You say your friend has given you great advice on marketing. What does that mean, exactly? Does it mean that what he's told you sounds good, or has he given you advice that actually has produced results for you?

Do you presently have a network marketing company? If so, why is he cross-recruiting you? \

If not, are you looking for one, or is he trying to "sell" you his?

You really need to look at his motivation. Is he offering you training as a reward for joining him, or is he truly interested in helping you? Forget about his upline "big guys." They may or may not have any direct interest you. They most certainly will not have time for you unless you produce, it's not personal, just business. They only have so much time.

As to your friend's ability to train you, is he having a large amount of success in his business? And what are his methods? Are they compatible with how you will want to do business?

Then think about the product and/or the company. No matter how much or how good the training you get, if your gut isn't in the other parts you won't be happy there. The training may be good and you may well get some benefit. It's just a matter of if the overall picture is a fit for you.

Hope this helps -- no strings attached,


Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by rkat55 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:30 pm

RichardBravo wrote:.

No, I wouldn't.
I know you've heard all there is to say about following your passion Billy.
You're obviously not passionate about this venture, other than the training.

I have a very personal recent example of this myself...
My YouIncPro project. I started out with an idea, something that was sort of based on some ideas I found myself feeling not so excited about. Actually, it just wasn't MY passion point - it was something I thought other people would want and was focused on "pleasing" them. So I pulled it down and started from scratch seeking the direction that "I" was excited about that resonated with my passion.

That wasn't an easy thing to do.
When I started it, it was right out there in full public view.
I found myself feeling embarrassed, disenchanted, uninspired and unmotivated.
But my heart wasn't 100% in it and I had to make a tough decision.

My point is that in my experience, all that training will do you no good if you aren't
excited about what you're doing; people you talk to will see right through it.
But more so, you may wind up feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and disconnected.

There's validity in "just get started" and move. Do something.
But at the same time there is wisdom in being still in these situations.
I honestly believe that, outside of self preservation, i.e. working to support yourself etc.,
it's unwise to rush into a business opportunity simply for the sake of doing something.

I've talked with countless people that jumped into this industry, got pumped up at a meeting or something and within a few months were over it. Many times it came down to the simple fact that they just didn't enjoy it.

My advice in these situations is just chill. Go find yourself. Take some personal inventory and find out what you're really passionate about. Leave the clich├ęs and "industry" expectations aside. Don't give one ounce of power to what other people think. Take the time to be completely selfish and focus on Billy.

Ask yourself ...
  • What do you want?
  • What's the lifestyle you want to live?
  • What would it "really" cost for you to live that lifestyle?
  • Is it really your dream or someone else's that you've been programmed to think you want?

Now look at ...
  • What's the most stimulating thing in your life that gets you pumped when you think about it?
  • What can you do in that space, with that energy?
  • Are there other people into the same thing?
  • Can you create something around that culture?
  • Is there a company or product already out there that you can align with?

Get that stuff in order.
I think you'll be surprised to see the resources that show up, like training etc.
I think you'll be surprised just how much you're already prepared and already have what you need inside of you to get started and follow your authentic passion.


Agree 100%

Training, branding, etc., doesn't mean anything if you aren't passionate about what you're promoting.

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by thedarkroom on Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:14 am

BillyofRockHill wrote:So would you join, knowing you're not into the product?

The answer will be no.

However, let me briefly clarifiy something for you, which Joyce has already shared, and also Richard.

1. The Network Marketing company is not your company.
2. We are sales rep. That is it. We get paid to sell products, develop more sales rep as a team, to do the same. That's how we get more bonus check.

So we need to make sure, we know that is clear and that is what it is. That we represent the Network Marketing company, and it's not our company, we don't own it, etc.

3. You need to sell something but that which you're truly buzzing about and not because of what people say, or do. But you are into it, you dig it. And you know it's profitable. Doing what you're not passionate about is a long road to frustrations, of projects here and there UNTIL a person grows to focus on their 'own' purpose.

4. No matter what, you will need to learn, train and get to grips with...

- Marketing & Selling.
- Create your own solutions or find affiliate products to generate cash flow.

You've mentioned you're not into the product. Not that it's not a great product that's not where your passion is. So you haven't yet found what you're looking for in the product sense.

That's fine because it says something. To take time to...

Get skills, learn, get training and be self aware of what you want, and get that instead.

So tap into the training, learn, use that to understand marketing, test, sell products you are passionate about. That way you get to know how it works.

Then when a time comes for an opportunity in MLM, products that you're interested in, organic health stuff, then there we go.

By that time, you got skills, know more, know how to generate cash flow.

Start first by developing you from the inside.


Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by Goodrum on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:15 pm

BillyofRockHill wrote:I have a friend that has given me great advice on marketing. He's involved in an MLM, and will give me even more training as a deal when I join his mlm. He is personally partnered with one of the "big guys" of the industry who practices attraction marketing and is connected with big names. I've even spoken with him on the phone. The mlm opportunity is a weight loss product. It's not even marketed as organic or all natural, which is how I prefer to go. He says not to worry about it because they're going to help me market myself better, and not the mlm. But I'm finding it hard because it's hard imagining representing the product. I just want more than anything, the training and a good team to work with, but also to be able to represent a product that I can be honest and real about. So would you join, knowing you're not into the product?

Hell no....

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by kirklindner on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:46 pm

Billy I would look for a company that has the products you're more interested in and can be naturally more passionate about. Then join the team in that company that you feel will give you the best chance at success. There is a ton of great trainings/personal branding systems online that MLM leaders have put together already for you, so I wouldn't join a team just for that reason. That's out there no matter what company you join.

It sounds like you're having doubts so don't ignore those, either get comfortable with joining that team/company or find a better fit.

To your success,

Kirk Lindner

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by Edison_Victorino on Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:48 pm

You join an mlm opportunity that has a product you believe in or a product that you are passionate for. Your prospects will eventually know that you are just making money on them because you are not true to yourself.

Network marketing is about connecting to people, and by connecting with people you must be authentic, real and true about your opportunity.

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by JoycePenner on Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:10 pm

Be passionate about you, Billy.

Learn from the best. Once you've got the training down you can go and do anything. Too many people get stuck working for years, plugging along, learning a little bit here and little bit there. Just look around, you'll see what I mean.

Being passionate about your product or company can be a detriment to you.

Be passionate about you and go and get the training. It's a one or two year commitment and you will be in the drivers seat doing WHATEVER you want, working with whatever company you want, offering us the opportunity to work with you !

Re: Hey, Would you join a MLM opportunity you don't like?

Post by lyndacromar on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:42 am

That would not be congruent with me! Would I join just because of the money? No. Because I have to be about what is not just good for me. We all start out looking for a way to make money. But its really about people. I always ask myself, do I feel this company and products could help people. Can I feel good about representing that product.

But another thing I have learned. I am not that company. I am not that product. It doesn't matter how good it is or how much money it can make, in the end.It has to be about can I feel good about it. Does it fit who I am. Because I will never alter who I am to fit the company.