Is the Product You Represent Really Important to Your Biz?

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Re: Is the Product You Represent Really Important to Your Biz?

Post by mlsanders on Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:59 pm

Hello Josh. I know mine is important to my business.
Let me explain how it first got started.
Some time ago I retired from a job and relaxed, took it easy, and enjoyed the retired life. During that time, I developed a health concern. I was put on medication to help me. I needed to find something to help my doctor to help me to address my health concern.
Several suggestions were made and I tried many of them. One product I ordered and didn't know how to market it. So I gave them away to my friends in hoping to have it catch on and build a business. That route failed and I stopped after a year of doing this.
The next product I tried, I did the research and checked the information before I signed on. Upon going to one of the meetings, I signed up that very night. I tried the product and it really improved my health. My doctor checked the results through several tests and his medical team has been following me on follow ups to track my improvement. I finally found something that really improved my health and I can really get excited about to promote.
My main goal in business is to get the word out to get everybody to get healthy and stay healthy. Now I have a product to help me to get the word out and get everybody excited to get healthy and stay healthy. :idea:

Re: Is the Product You Represent Really Important to Your Biz?

Post by JamieBennett on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:55 am

All good points, Josh... and products do matter because if you're asking people to spend money on junk, it will eventually reflect on your brand as a peddler and junk salesman....

The best product you can establish is your own personal brand, your leadership. If you hawk a bunch of junk on people to make a buck, your image will obviously be tarnished.

So, yes, for many of the reasons you describe and more, products matter.

Re: Is the Product You Represent Really Important to Your Biz?

Post by lyndacromar on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:51 am

It is everything for sure, because.....

In order to have a sustainable business there must be product moving. No business is real without a product or service. And we are talking any business MLM, Affiliate, or brick and mortar

Is the Product You Represent Really Important to Your Biz?

Post by HomeBizTeacher on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:26 am

There are many companies and products that a network marketing professional can choose to represent. The question is then, how important is the product? I think this is a great question and one that many might take for granted. Those that work for companies as an employee really don't care what product their company markets in most cases. Look at all of the people that work for you think all of those people are passionate about Duct Tape? Gosh, I hope not! :D My time in corporate America taught me that the product was only truly important to the company you work for. My job as an engineer and later a manager was to come in and do what I was told to the best of my ability. It didn't matter if we were designing and marketing heavy trucks, clothes pins or widgets. I learned the same thing in business school while I was getting my MBA. As an entrepreneur I have since learned that I completely disagree with what I was taught in the corporate and business school realm. This is a primary reason why I always say that some of the best education is attained outside of a degree plan and a walled classroom. The rest of this post will be focused on what I have learned over the years in my favorite classroom - The Real World!

The recent worldwide economic woes have provided all of us some great lessons. One of those is the product you represent is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Those that represented products that required customers to take additional money out of their crushed. Those that represented products that required a PhD in biochemistry to crushed. Let's look at these two reasons in more detail.

Reason 1 Why the Product Matters - Does your product require people to make extra room in their budget for the purchase? If the answer is yes then you will do GREAT about 50% of the time. Is this good enough for long term success? The economy, job market and people's discretionary income is cyclical. When times are great then ANY product can do well with proper marketing. The true test comes in the lean times. What are the first things cut from a consumers budget when times get tough....anything discretionary or extra right? Having a product that allows a consumer to reroute money they are already having to spend directly to your product will greatly increase your probability for long term success. Keep this in mind when looking for a product to represent.

Reason 2 Why the Product Matters - Does your product require intense education of the consumer on why they need your product? Same as above, if this is true then you will do great about half the time. When the economy weakens and consumers tighten their're toast! Here is a good litmus test...when consumers view your product presentation do they say things like "That's surprising" or "I had no idea that was the case" or "That's really scary"? If the primary marketing for your company requires you to scare the heck out of people causing them to realize they have a problem they didn't even know they had before you talked to them.....that's really not a recipe for long term success. Your product absolutely MUST be a PROBLEM SOLVER for consumers but it should solve a problem they are already aware of long before talking to you. Hope that makes sense.
While these are only my opinions and you certainly don't have to agree with them I hope this article has at least made you think. If it has then I am glad I posted and happy it brought some value to your day! Post some comments and let me know if you agree/disagree.

To Your Success!

Josh Howard