Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

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Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by remacgregor on Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:10 am

If I'm emailing out about my business, or a webinar about it etc I start with some kind of message like this...

If you are happy and supported where you are, this message is NOT for you. Feel free to delete it and look out for my next message on how you can market your own MLM online.

Or something to that effect.

I never try to convince anyone to LEAVE their company. But if someone comes to me and they like what I'm involved in then that's fine.

That's why I like to know I can help people, and make money, whether they join my company or not.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by MasterJoeda on Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:23 am

Well said Jeff. It's always good to listen to people first. A good conversationalist is someone who is more willing to listen than talk all the time. That way, you maintain a nice flow of conversation and get the chance to really know the person. And right, you might even realize that the offer doesn't fit the person in the first place.

Joe P.
aka Master Joeda

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by mlsanders on Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:15 am

I have talked to other people involved in other businesses. They gave me their business cards and I checked the information for myself. Some businesses I have done in the past, and others I can see clearly their plan would not work in a practical sense to me. And one plan seems to be a down right sounding like a scam.
I believe in what I see for myself. Would you believe in a sign on a car advertising weight loss program and the person driving the vehicle is grossly over weight? If they were so successful, would you think they would be a model for their own producs?
Sometimes to let people know what you are doing you do have to show them some results. Even if you are successful, wouldn't you look like you are successful? This is where you don't even have to open your mouth or say anything to let people know who you are.
You want people attracted to you. This is attraction marketing at its best. People will come to you and start to invite you to their social gatherings.
You may just recruit people from other opportunities. They will stay with you longer because of the friendships you have built.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by MasterJoeda on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:13 am

In my own opinion recruiting other people already involved with other companies is completely fine as long as they willingly agree to and you don't force them to do so. It is up to the prospect to decide if what you are offering is what they really wanted. Discussing each of the pros and cons might make them realize that what you are offering is the better choice. Besides it is easier to recruit people already in the business and they are even more likely to push through, rather than explaining everything thoroughly to people clueless on how things work.

Just a thought,
Joe P.
aka Master Joeda

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by Ehi78 on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:55 pm

Its ethical, imagine that you drink coffee and get paid drinking, you travel and get paid traveling, you learn and get paid learning ; all these from 3 different MLM companies. You may not have to pitch to sign up someone from another MLM, just talking about what you enjoy might be all you need.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by mlsanders on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:55 pm

I don't think that it is wrong to find out what other network marketeers are doing. You may be able to learn something from them as well.
Breaking down someone's plan before them may persuade them to your side. Then again, your plan may need some work and their plan might appear more appealing.
Compare notes and discuss strategies between the two plans. Keep open minded and willing to learn something new.
If the two companies are not in conflict with each other, you both can become customers or affliates of each other.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by shallem on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:25 pm

hi...i think its great to join people from other companies multiple streams of income is a great way to make money...

more options equal more customers equals more money $$$ and thats the whole reason we get in to network marketing to change our lives for the better and what better than 5 successful business compared to having just one....not saying having one huge business isnt good but being versetile can be great too.

You just have to make sure you dont do too much at one time let your first business be your foundation and then when its strong bring other intrests in....just good business ... ;)

And if you do really think your in the wrong network marketing biz then yes you should find one that better suits you...but make sure your not quitting for the wrong reasons ...because every business takes effort to make it work ...have no regrets when u make that choice.. ;)

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Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by Karen Miller on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:48 pm

Hey Charles...
I think it all lies in the HOW we prospect more than the WHO.

If we only focus on people new to network marketing, we will be spending a tremendous amount of time training them from the ground up. A great number of those newbies will fall away because they discover Network Marketing is not for them or they simply are not ready to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed in this business.

People who are already doing Network Marketing usually have the commitment to work and they already know a lot of the ups & downs of this industry. They make great partners because they already come equipped with a skills toolbelt that is filled to one degree or another. Those are the partners who can work more independently than the newbies...they are farther along in becoming Leaders.

If we lead our networking activities by offering valuable help to other network marketers, and are consistent with our activities and presence, people will remember you.
If you offer free information and training when people sign up (your autoresponder), you will always have the ability to "drip" good content into their inboxes.

When one of these folks starts looking for a new company, and they have come to trust you as a leader, guess who they will contact to get your company info?
This may take a longer time than directly sending your links to people (sometimes called Firehosing), but it establishes You as a leader, starts building the relationships with your prospective business partners, and is Respectful.
It also is a method that has people chasing You rather than you chasing Them.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by ucansucceed on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:43 pm

Hi Chuck,

I think that if you believe in what you are involved with that
you should share it with everyone. If someone is with another
company they may realize after joining you that they were
with the wrong company and that yours is a much better fit
for them. There are so many bad programs out there and
people get discouraged and put down network marketing when
it is simply that they aren't involved with the right company
or are not being properly trained to succeed. Have a great day!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

Re: Should you Recruit People Involved with other Companies?

Post by harryfassett on Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:27 am

If a prospect is with another company, and approaches me and wants to work with me I wouldn't turn them down. Heck, it's like this... if someone is unhappy with the company, or sponsor or whatever, they should probably consider a move just like an employee would if he or she is dissatisfied with their current position and employer. They will probably seek other employment eventually and that's perfectly fine and they should.

Why be somewhere you don't want to be and are not happy with no matter what you try to rectify the situation. Just move on if at all possible and look for greener pastors elsewhere. Simple as that.

So again, if someone is more interested in the Company you are working with and are not some MLM/Network Marketing Junkie that jumps ship once their excitement dies, then so be it. Recruit them if they are someone you want to work with. If not, then suggest that they consider if being in a home based business is even right for them in the first place, because for most people it's not.
P.S. Barb and Karen are "right on" the money and I couldn't have said it better myself. ;)