Is David Wood A Celebrity, Guru or A Hero?

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Re: Is David Wood A Celebrity, Guru or A Hero?

Post by JoycePenner on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:18 am

An entrepreneur ! He saw a need (10,000+ struggling network marketers) and filled (sold) his answer to those who needed some kind solution.

Your customer has a problem and you supply the solution.
I would say they did that rather brilliantly?

Definitely an "entrepreneur".

Re: Is David Wood A Celebrity, Guru or A Hero?

Post by pawmarks on Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:21 am

David (wood, not sharpe) is one of many advanced marketers in the IM, MLM, and Dir Sales space that I consult with on a regular basis (funny how 3 million twitter followers does that, eh?), so I've had the luxury of being something of a fly-on-the-wall during his rise to the pinnacle of recruiting online.

Don't let Dave's ahh shucks self-deprecating video antics from his hideoout in Costa Rica lull you into thinking he's just a big oaf who lucked into his current position. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Despite his boyish looks, and almost juvenile giggling, Dave is a really, really advanced marketer with a breadth of knowledge of the industry and a grasp of the attraction marketing paradigm that I have rarely seen in my 32 years of industry study. His mix of making it more about two things than anything else:

- the entertainment, stupid!

- the teaching, often give-it-away or PIF (pay it fwd) bonuses

are at the heart of his success. His grasp of how traffic on the net works is arguably second to none, and is worth studying completely irrespective of what industry you are in, recruiting, brick and mortar, or otherwise.

While he is little known outside the tiny (by global human population standards) niche of networking, lead generation, and recruiting, stay tuned - this story is about to get one heckuva lot bigger...

What Dave and Dave have done with Empowernet is nothing short of industry-changing, and when an idea and/or technology arrives that is so far off the charts different than anything that came before, while at the same time MAGNANIMOUS in nature (Dave and Dave don't make dime one off 95+ per cent of Empowernet's business volume, thanks to the unusually high-percentage comp plan), there are bound to be winners and losers - that's just a fact of life - if you could ask someone who lost their 75-year history wagon works construction business when the auto arrived courtesy of Henry Ford, they'd tell you about the pain of an emerging technology.

I reduced the success of their new venture down to 5 words that are sweet music to people's ears - people who have toiled in the recruiting space for years, even a decade or more with little or marginal success:

It sells BECAUSE it sells

There. I said it.

Sounds a bit circuitous in nature, doesn't it? Best way I know how to describe it.

While the challenges of securing a real merchant account for 10,000 individuals IN A MONTH would make the most advanced digital marketer cringe and perhaps run for cover, Dave and Dave, with barely 4 months of modern digital product development experience in the rear view mirror, just keep doing what Dave has been doing now for years: trailblazing.

Fun to watch! Even more fun to PARTICIPATE IN :)

Is David Wood A Celebrity, Guru or A Hero?

Post by realdealwill on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:56 am

Hello BN family,

For some reason It has been heavy on my heart to write this post. Let me say it is not my intent to sway or dissway anyone in anyway, this is just a from my heart post.

In case you're not aware, there is a new opportunity that is getting a lot of buzz on the internet in the past few weeks. I mean it is smoking, and it has some tempers flaring, yet on the other hand it also has many shouting hoorah from the rooftops!

This new opportunity is called The Enpower Network and as I understand it, EN was started by 2 already successful inetrnet marketers, David Wood and David Sharpe.

While I admittedly am not familar with David Sharpe, I am familar with David Wood.

I first came across David Wood back in 2010 doing a google search on God only knows what, but some how I came across David Wood.

I immediately was captivated with this young man, and if you have ever come across anything he has out on the internet, and there is a lot, you know what I mean.

I found David Wood to be very charismatic and genuine.

Then after hearing of David Wood's MLM/NWM journey and then his rise in the online world, literally starting as a complete newbie. I signed up under him in MLSP.

Mind you I was really just getting started and learning my way around the online world also, but I was in awe of David Wood!

David Wood is also in and doing very well in Numis Network.

Now David Wood along with another David guy, namely David sharpe, has started their own opportunity and it's taking the Internet world by a storm, no, more like a hurricane!

For all the buzz and all the noise going around on the Internet about The Empower Network, these days, I ask, IS DAVID WOOD A CELEBRITIY? IS DAVID WOOD A GURU? oR IS DAVID WOOD A HERO?

Well in my humble opinion, the David Wood I have seen in my online journey is ALL THE ABOVE!

And, while I as of yet, have not joined EN, only because I am not to fond of having to get another merchant account. I beleive with all my heart that the 2 David's sincerely want to help struggling marketers to finally exeperience some degree of success.

After all, there are far to many good people that come online trying to make money and end up losing far more then they will ever make.

Lastly folks, as great of an opportunity as The Enpower Network seems to be, and as great and charismatic as David Wood is, as has already been mentioned in a prior forum post about Empower Network, lest we forget, we are marketers and we need to learn the skill sets of marketing so as to be successful with whatever opportunity we are involved with.

If you are considering doing business with David Wood, you can learn more about him by doing a google search, probably best under David Wood MLM.

I am currently on his blog listening to his about David Wood audio. It's a very fascinating and encouraging story of how someone hung in the fight to achieve their desired dream.

More power to you Mr. David Wood. :)