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PURL Response Marketing

Post by pawmarks on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:37 am

I'm a hybrid marketer, and proud of it.

What exactly IS a hybrid marketer, you ask? One that crosses the online/offline space boundary.

In my world, pursuing one to the exclusion of the other is pure folly. BOTH are powerful. The synergy that is gained from embracing both is real, and often tends towards geometric, rather than linear growth, if you get it right.

This post is about an even more advanced approach to hybrid marketing - that of bolting the two together in one process where the lines blur as to what part of the process is old school and what part is new. One such tactic is what I refer to as PURL Response Marketing.

Akin to direct response, this one involves risk, because of its associated cost, and bears the overhead of any technology with the cost baggage - that of testing and tracking (if you pay, and don't track, you're an idiot)

There are a variety of funnel variations, twists, and turns that can be inserted for maxium leverage and effect, but the fundamentals are this:

Send a piece in the mail (no, not that pathetic 3% open rate variety of mail)

EMBED A PURL in the piece

Make the PURL SING to that prospect (read: personalize it) - that's what the P stands for, right?

If you are working sans phone number (ie, you do NOT have the lead's phone number yet), make the call to action BOTH your professional autoresponder list AND a toll-free sizzle (that way you "harvest" their phone thanks to Caller ID). I tend to incentivize BOTH behaviors with a yummy giveaway.

PURL Response:

Brand-enhancing (professional)
Largely automatable

PURL: Personal URL eg.<leadfirstname_leadlastname>