Picking a Twitter Name

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Picking a Twitter Name

Post by pawmarks on Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:19 am

I have a lot of Twitter accounts. Should cross into triple-digit-land before year-end.

Recently someone asked me if they liked the Twitter name they were considering.

I laughed. And asked them the same questions I always ask...

BEFORE I open a new one.

Besides all the obvious stuff:

who is the target audience?
what is the account's purpose?
what is the larger monetization strategy? (does it FIT with other virtual assets you have in inventory?)

I have some additional considerations...

1. Is the EMD for this available in .com? (or .net or .org) - only three I mess with
2. Is the Facebook friendly taken yet?
3. Is there a YouTube channel ID for it already?
4. How about a MySpace friendly?
5. Friendfeed name? Plaxo? Bebo? et al
6. Can you get the gmail mailbox that matches?
7. How about a Photobucket or Viddler handle match?

You get my drift. I'm NOT saying every single last one of these is a deal-breaker.
Just that the MORE of these that you can tie up, the better. Think BRANDING.

Glossary: EMD - Exact Match Domain