Is this ethically wrong?

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Re: Is this ethically wrong?

Post by ChuckHolmes on Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:25 pm


You're good man. Don't worry!

A prospect can be several people's prospect. But, the prospect has the choice of who he joins with.

It's like buying leads from a lead company. They're sold to multiple people. That doesn't give ONE of the lead purchasers the exclusive right to the lead. It's fair game to whoever can sponsor the person.

All I can say is GOOD FOR YOU, man. Don't fret.

Re: Is this ethically wrong?

Post by realdealwill on Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:45 pm

Sounds too me like the prospect made the decision with whom they felt better and more comfortable with joining and building a business with.

That is one of the draw backs, kinda, of google. You find something, tell someone about it, and they go and google it, then, some other marketer has did a review or something about the company or product, and the prospect potentially signs up with someone else, yet you introduced them to the venture.

Personally I don't see anything unethical about it, IF, the prospect sought you out.

Something I might do is, ask the prospect how they found me, but as you said, they found you through google, and, I'd might proceed to see if they had already talked with someone about the venture, just to keep the air clear.

But ultimately, it really comes down to the prospect's decision whom they join with. ;)

Is this ethically wrong?

Post by thowsyne on Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:02 pm

Maybe this has happened to you before, maybe not.

Like I always do, I get a call from this guy who was researching my business opportunity. Google led him to my blog, he spends about 5 hrs on my blog reading the various contents I have put together about the company.

He calls me after he felt satisfied that the opportunity was for him. I asked him a few questions and discovered he wanted to come in at the lowest level. I said I dont allow people join my team that way and asked him to go get the money because it would be of immense benefit to him coming in at the highest level.

He called me about 7 hrs later and said he was ready to join at the highest level. He signs up and I began the new member orientation with him.

I got a call today from someone else fuming and cursing over the phone saying I stole his prospect 2 days ago and mentioned my downline's name. He went on saying how unethical I am and how people like me take advantage of other people. He finally said he was gonna report me to the company.

So has this happened to anyone here? What's your experience?

To the whole house: what do you think? Should I be bothered? Have I done anything wrong?