This Is How You Get Page 1 Ranking Articles On Google, FAST!

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Re: This Is How You Get Page 1 Ranking Articles On Google, FAST!

Post by emenneifeanyi on Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:46 am

Wow great insights. I love your ideas

Re: This Is How You Get Page 1 Ranking Articles On Google, FAST!

Post by jcruz on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:28 pm

Yeah betternetworker ranks good for articles. Once you get your blog rolling your blog will rank better. Just what I seen.

Re: This Is How You Get Page 1 Ranking Articles On Google, FAST!

Post by Prostarprofits on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:21 pm

Betternetworker is a great place to write your articles. I have noticed when I write my article I will get front page listing even for haalf way competitive keywords.

I would also suggest wordpress, blogger, merchant circle, tumblr, ect...

These are my favorites do you have any please share.

Chris Brown

This Is How You Get Page 1 Ranking Articles On Google, FAST!

Post by pwrhouse92 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:55 am

Article marketing is a very powerful way to generate leads. It positions your self as an authority and an expert to the information you provide. If you can consistently drive traffic to your articles, and provide strong value, you will acquire a reader base. Depending on how good your articles are, you will eventually be able to convert these prospects into leads via a sign up form. The most effective articles you can produce take the formats of ‘how to’ guides, reviews of products/companies/franchises, and finally general helpful tips on a topic.

It is a clear fact that if your article is not displayed on the page 1 search results of Google, then the amount of traffic your article receives is going to largely reduced from what it could potentially be. People generally will not look past the first page these days!

So now you must be wondering, how exactly do you get page 1 ranked articles..? Well here is a step by step method that will allow you to do this:

1. At the start of the week, make up a list of 5 different topics that you wish to write articles on through that week. I would not recommend you go any lower than 3 topics as it will reduce the amount of potential traffic you can receive.

2. Go to Google and search ‘keyword tool’. Click the first link and this will bring you to Google Adwords. You can also use a powerful tool called Market Samurai, but if you are just beginning this method, then I recommend to stick with Google Adwords. We will use this site to find keywords that will allow our articles to be placed higher in the Google search results.

3. Over to the left side of this page, you will see a drop down tab listed as ‘Match Types’. Check the box below it that says [exact]. Next, in quotation marks, type one of the topics you previously decided on into the search box at the top and click search.

4. You will now see a list of keywords that are commonly related to this topic. What you will need to pay attention to is the global monthly searches of these keywords. You should research keywords that receive between 100-5000 searches monthly. Any more than that and you will start to find the competition is much harder to beat and it will be very difficult to rank higher.

5. When you want to research particular keywords, do a Google search for them. There will more than likely be lots of blogs providing information on your search, but you need to ignore them. Your focus is to find an article that has been submitted to a directory that is ranked on page 1, but also check page 2 to be safe. Some examples of sites you should look for are from Article Base, Article City, Hubpages, Squidoo, and Ezine Articles. This is a time consuming process because you may have to weave through many different search results for each set of keywords you choose, but when you can find a highly ranked article based on your topic, through a particular set of keywords, you will now be ready to proceed to the next step.

6. Click on the decided article, copy the authors title, website URL, content, and note down the keywords you used to find it, and paste it into a word document. You will now need to re-write this article in to your own words. To save time, you may wish to outsource this through websites such as, or Now here is a crucial point, you MUST mention the exact keywords you used to find this article approximately once every 100 words throughout the re-written article! The title should also contain your keywords.

7. Now here is the exciting part… You are going to knock this person’s article off of page 1 and replace it with your own. Register for an account and submit your re-written to the EXACT same directory as the one you found in your searches.

8. Make sure at the bottom of your article, you have a link to your landing, or squeeze page, and a link to your blog. If you can only choose one of these links, make sure you choose to link it back to your blog. You should also accompany these links with a nice message such as, “If you want to learn more, please click this link to my page” for example.

9. Now you will need to find an article spinning software tool. I personally swear by Article Marketing Robot. Using this tool, you will submit your re-written article to a huge number of directories. Sometimes articles can be spun to 6000 different directories! Make sure you hyperlink EVERY mention of your keywords in the re-written article to the official article that you submitted to that directory on page 1. This is absolutely crucial! Also, make sure in the author, or resource box, that you link the article back to your blog post of the article, as well as to the official article. When you have done all of this, send it away to all these directories.

That’s it! If you can consistently submit articles via this method every week, you will get page 1 ranks fast. Your blog will also rank much higher in the Google search rankings. This will allow you to receive a huge amount of traffic to your website, and it should be noted that I have heard of people knocking articles off of page 1 as fast as 3-4 days!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it :)

Take care,