International system of mutual financial aid

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International system of mutual financial aid

Post by Lara_Smith on Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:56 am

We are happy to welcome you to the web site of mutual financial aid system Gold Line International!
You can send 50 USD to seven possibly unknown people simultaneously in one transaction by means of service that Gold Line International offers to you.

The Gold Line service allows you to make a good deed providing another people with financial aid voluntary and without any compensation.

In order to select the people you want to provide with financial aid, indicate the unique certificate number of the Gold Line member (the person, who has already provided financial aid by making the similar payment).

Our system will automatically split your transfer into corresponding parts and send the parts by independent transactions to accounts of people indicated in certificates.

After your payment has been done we will create your personal account in the system and your personal certificate of the Gold Line member.

We will charge a per transaction fee at a rate of USD 5 for this service.

Please read carefully the User Agreement before making the financial aid payment.

You should pay special attention to the irrevocability of all payments.
- do not pay if you do not want to provide the financial aid without any compensation.
- do not pay if anyone makes you to pay by force or fraudulently.

In these cases inform us immediately!

About the System
From the times immemorial people tried to balance their lives as an equation, to make them more predictable and constant in financial aspect. That balance could have been reached only by creating artificial systems of mutual financial aid.

This necessity gave birth to insurance companies, pension funds, trade unions and many other less wide spread organizations built on the same principles – redistribution of monetary savings that come constantly in small amounts and drop by drop fill the whole lake of common budget. Quite the opposite operation is being done to meet momentary needs of the minority.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our world without such organizations, moreover their number constantly increases.

GoldLine International
Still there are some other ways to increase your income and do it legitimately without:
- Waiting for official retirement age;
- Income schedule;
- Being ashamed of the amounts of your income;
- Any kind of ‘big brother’ such as your government or any other distant and unknown company!

GoldLine International is a unified international system of mutual financial aid created with the only purpose – to unite people from all over the world and to make this huge multinational community work autonomously performing endless operations distributing and redistributing funds as mutual financial aid.

GoldLine is an automated system where any operational dependence on human factor is totally excluded.

Monetary transactions reach personal accounts in payment systems directly. This guarantees that every system user safely receives his/her transaction according to estimated common system rules and regulations.

24/7 and 365 days a year every member can easily access his/her personal account at GoldLine International and examine system statistics that shows every operation regarded to him/her.

Income at GoldLine International is being credited daily and only increases.

GoldLine International unites countries, it works for everyone. This extraordinary system allows you to increase your overall income and become confident about you future.

GoldLine International evolves constantly. It stays not only the most up-to-date mutual financial aid system but also grows with the help of its members. No one but you support system’s evolution with your annual donations.

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