Giving Away Is The BEST Way To Receive!

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Giving Away Is The BEST Way To Receive!

Post by pwrhouse92 on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:09 pm

Most businesses you will find who experience failure do so because of one basic aspect they do not address. They focus on trying to get as much as they can when they really should focus more on what they give!

This is known as the law of reciprocity. This law states that when you give someone something for nothing, they psychologically feel compelled to give you something back.

All the time you see businesses so focused on how they can squeeze their customers pennies out their pockets, treating these people as if they are merely just another sale. They typically fail!

It is absolutely essential that if you want to take your business to the next level, you must realise that you will need to spend some time providing your prospects with what they want, and give it to them first, before expecting them to spend their money with you.

When you apply this to online business, the concept is still exactly the same. Give now, receive later.In order to do this, you must understand that…

1. You will need the right ATTITUDE. This attitude involves making sure that your customers trust you, and that they are happy.

2. It is essential that you GIVE them information, without expecting them to give you anything back.

3. You understand that you must convey a PERSONALITY that is fair, willing, and humble. Your personality should inspire you prospects to have confidence in you and trust.

4. A key part of this is how effectively you COMMUNICATE your offer and your personality!

The complete combination of all these things, with a level of knowledge that is higher than your potential customers will position you as a trusted expert. This will make them want to buy from you. This could be as simple as giving away a free ‘how to’ guide.

To summarise, it is of important that you change your mindset. Instead of looking to get, you will now look to see how you can offer things that truly benefit them with value! You cannot fake this, you must genuinely want to give. You MUST be authentic!

Take care,