How to deal with negative people.

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Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by scottmcgeejr on Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:20 am

Best way to handle negative people is to use it as fuel for the fire to stay so busy building your business that they don't even cross your mind. You will see two things happen as you have success in network marketing.

1) People will change - Most people aren't negative for the sake of it. Their negative because society has conditioned them to be that way. People only act based on their own opinions and beliefs. A lot of negative people are truly trying to protect you because their belief is that you are making a mistake. As they see your success they realize they were wrong for thinking that way and change their beliefs.

2) People won't change - Some people won't change, and will always have something to say. I remember starting five years ago hearing you will never earn, once I made my first check they said it was luck, when the checks were coming in but not at a full time income yet it was yeah but you can't live off of that. Now I make more in one week than those negative nancy's do in a month, and they still got stuff to say. This is a non-issue. Once you have success you will have grown and be a much different person... you have to to succeed. You won't even want to be around the negative nancy's anymore.

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by adrianc on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:06 am

This is a good subject and I like your ideas. You are a positive person and it's a good thing.
I really think that we shouldn't talk about "dealing with negative people" because, in fact, it's all about what they understand.
You know that a MLM business is based on family and friends and you should treat them as customers. It's the worst thing but in the same time it's the best choice. We talk about negative people but we know it's not their fault. It's all about psychology and the way you do your job.
1. If you tell your friend about your business you want a "YES", how do you get that? First you have something in common and then you talk about the new things in your life. You're not gonna tell him something that is not interesting so you have to combine what you want to say and what he wants to hear. If he doesn't want to know about your business you shouldn't stop the conversation and you shouldn't push too hard. Let your friend continue and at the right time you say " That's what I was trying to tell you".
2. If you tell your family about your business you want somebody to help and support you. So what are you going to tell them? You must avoid the phrase "There's a NEW business opportunity"...what is new is not safe, so you start the conversation with "There's a good business opportunity" not great because that's gonna make them think you're not sure if it's safe or not.
I hope you understand now that it's not about being a positive or negative person it's about what you understand and the way you explain things. If you see a negative person then you must think "It's not you it's me". It's the best way of improving yourself and your business.
If you want to combine business and friendship then friendship=business and business has a lot of risks if you don't have a plan.

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by ganoganesh on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:41 am

Majority of the populace is negative thinking. That's why we have few winners and so many spectators.
What I would suggest to those who encounter negative people is just avoid them. If you have the patience to search for the right people you will get them. It's a matter of time.
I believe we cannot change anybody. Instead of trying to convince a negative person find the right person who is ready to do what you are doing.

Ganesh Rao

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by mlsanders on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:19 am

Great points, Ian.
How do I handle negative people. I don't. I let people know the facts. I let them decide what to do with the information.
I have learned one lesson. If you force it, you will get a resistance. But if you attract it, you will have a following.
I told some friends about eating healthier. They did not listen. After much surgery, hospitalization costs and loss of work time, they are learning how to eat better and changing their diet habits. They resisted the information at first. Now with new attention, they are taking a new stance on their health.

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by Aaron Riddell on Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:30 am

alanhands wrote:
Aaron - just avoid speaking to them about business.

That is where the timing comes in.....they may not be ready now but possibly
in 6 or 12 months time they could be tapping you on the shoulder or even giving you a
referral or two. i would wait for them to raise the topic.

Aaron Riddell

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by alanhands on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:38 am

Great points Ian!

Aaron - just avoid speaking to them about business. You probably can't avoid them completely if they are close family but just speak about different subjects other than business. When they see you succeeding they will probably start asking you about what you're doing.

I've eliminated all the negative people from my life too. Well, most of them - there are a couple in the family but in general I don't get into big conversations with them because their views on just about everything is negative and they are always playing the victim. I'm pleasant and polite to them and will pass the time of day with them but that's about it. I'd rather interact with positive people all day than let some of the negatives try to drag me down.

Re: How to deal with negative people.

Post by Aaron Riddell on Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:47 am

Hi Ian,

Let's say I have a family member who is negative or the word that is
often used is sceptical.

It's human nature to be sceptical (this is natural in todays world),
especially when seeing something new that they may not fully comprehend (at this time).

I am not going to dis-own a family member, but will not push an
opportunity on to them unless they ask.

For some the timing is NOW, for others 6 months, 12 months from now, for others
never as they are happy with what they are doing.

Aaron Riddell

How to deal with negative people.

Post by ianvaleza on Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:21 pm

I know one of the problems that your experiencing right now is that your

friends and family are saying bad things about your business.

If this things are happening to you, don`t worry. A lot of entrepreneurs

are also experiencing this kind of problem. In this article, I will help you

find new friends that will support you in what you do.

A few years ago when I am just starting in my business. All of my friends

are very negative about what I am doing. I am only 18 years old at that

time and i`m already talking about building a business.

A lot of my friends hated me for taking some action to become a successful

entrepreneur. After a few years in business, all of my negative friends are

gone. I am now surrounded with positive and successful people in business.

So how did I get rid of my negative friends?

1. I remove all the negative people in my life. – When I become an

entrepreneur, I know that I will become a successful business person

someday and I never doubted it. Since my old friends are very toxic and

they pull me down. I decided to remove them from my life because they are just

slowing me down to my success. I love my friends, but they will not go where i`m going.

I just decided that I will only hangout with positive people that are also

committed in becoming successful in their chosen field.

2. Be the person that you want to attract. – I noticed that when

I start thinking big, i also started to attract successful entrepreneurs in my

life. Most of my friends right now are successful entrepreneurs and I learn

a lot from this people.

The reason that I attracted them is because I also wanted to be like them.

When you are committed to become successful entrepreneur, you will start

to attract successful people to you. Successful people will like you because

you are also doing the same thing that they are doing when they are just

starting in business.

3. I start increasing my VALUE to the world. – When you acquire

some business skills that can help other people you will noticed that the

people that you serve will be naturally attracted to you. The reason that

this is happening is because people are programed to feel an ATTRACTION

to those people that has value.

Just focus on improving yourself and you will start to have options.

A lot of people will come to you and your job is to pick those people that

you want to be with.

4. Qualify the people around you. - When I meet a new person, I

always ask them a lot of questions. By asking questions, I can tell if that

person will be the person that I want to hangout with. If that person did not

meet my requirements, I will walk away politely.

I mean.. why would you hangout with someone that has no goals and

ambition in life? I`m not saying that i`m rude to people that are not like

me. I just don`t spend large amount of time with them. I always greet

everyone that i know when i meet them. However, I only spend quality

time with those people that I want to be.

5. I stop arguing with other people. - When someone say some bad

things about me, I just smile and leave. I don`t waste time arguing with

people because its a waste of time and energy.

I also suggest that you do the same. When someone gives a bad comment

about your ambitions and goals, just smile and just change the topic or


I hope that you learn a lot from the tips that I gave you today. I also hope

that you apply this into your everyday life.

Post your strategy on how you deal with your negative friends so people can see it.

Have a great day and God bless you my friend.

- Ian Valeza