With challenges come ..........what?

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Re: With challenges come ..........what?

Post by mlsanders on Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:11 am

With challenges come knowledge. You will never known what challenges you have to face until you actually face that challenge, then you will have that experience and knowledge.
I met a lady who with her husband was running an over $250,000 business. She acquired a large contract which supplied much of the business. As time goes, she lost that major contract for the company. That was a major challenge to stay in business without that major contract bringing in the largest portion of their income. That challenge gave them the experience and knowledge to overcome and stay in business.
We face challenges when people leave our group and take their downline with them. A business challenge you have to survive without that residual income and that team. You gain from that challenge the knowledge and experience to continue on!

With challenges come ..........what?

Post by JoycePenner on Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:19 pm

I had someone challenge me last night on where my plan was going.

I had to justify why and what I was doing.

As I verbalized it, I realized my thought were off, going down the wrong path, slightly off target.

Without the challenge, taking that deep breath as I justified it, clarity wouldn't have come.

I love that type of challenge. Keeps me sharp. Keeps me on track. And if I can't justify it with logic, strength and passion then I am wrong and need to take a turn.

The path to building a huge MLM business is straight but everyone needs someone to question and challenge them to make sure their path is focused right on the target.

The sun is arising !