Is Empower Network worth Joining?

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Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by LeadCaptureCoach on Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:06 pm


I do like you my fiend!

Actually believe it or not I own all viral network out there! Yes...GVO Pure Leverage...Mastery MLSP...Empower Network...and the best for me thus far Level One Network...even though I own all of them I am not married to none! Why?

Simply put...I am a Local Guy...meaning?

I do serve my Local Small Business Community...and since their needs are different...I have several programs for them to choose...whatever fit best for their own business model..or let's say "needs".

I no longer relay on someone else's know WHY? Because programs come and goes...and at my age I can no longer put my dreams in other people hands!

So I am starting my biggest endeavor ever...I am launching my Own Agency...and I offer:

Adword Engage.
I run a co-branded site www.chambersandnon4profit(dot)com
I will launch this week my Inbound Marketing service www.salemmarketingstrategies(dot)com

This would be enough...but in case...I have a white label APPS builder...and white label mobile full service platform!

So the viral blogging platforms...GVO...MLSP...Empower.Network...One Level Network...are just a tiny part of our tactics in our battle plan to get to our complete strategy!

Now I am hiring three sales people!

So my friend you all be well,

Roger Aburto

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by davehayes on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:31 am

Wow, This thread is really interesting, some great answers & for what its worth, this is my take on it.

I was with Empower Network, Twice in Fact, I stopped the first time, because I didn't understand it fully.Then I restarted it and at the same time, decided to do a split test, between that an my own blog (The intention being to see if EN was as good as it was and worth being in for the long haul!). The results were <u>very</u> surprising. While both Blogs, got leads and did well, my own blog, actually outperformed my Empower Network Blog, by a lot.

Now the Upfront commissions on EN are 100% give or take, you have to deduct a % for marketing costs, so you end up with some money now, some in a month and some way on down the line. The truth is, it does take time to earn the 'Big Bucks' and it is a lot of hard work to earn that money.

With my Own blog, I pay no advertising costs, earn more upfront payments than with Empower Network, by some distance, and I get Monthly ongoing residual commission which is greater than what I had with EN. Now this is not meant to knock EN, it is a good marketing tool, for those that want that vehicle, However the fact remains that you are paying $25 for a Wordpress Blog and $19.95 for an Affiliate Account.

Whereas a Normal Wordpress blog is free and you can add your own or Promote other Peoples affiliate Products through your blog and provide your own life experiences training through the same blog and earn more. it is after all a question of choice

Applied Education is the difference

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by talfighel on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:18 am

The just passed the 100,000 members mark.

I think that they will become a $BILLION+ a year business and will help a lot of people do really well.

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by Darren_Miller on Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:41 am

Hi Rodger,

Sorry to hear about the hard time you were having with EN. What you will find with 89% of internet network marketing companies, ones either offering EN training i.e seo training etc: Its a very selfish market.

Its all about number one. My advice for you Rodger, if you wanna find a company similar to EN,you wanna have a company that has a forced matrix, something like 2x15 or 4x5, if you dont know what a forced matrix is I will briefly explain:
methods like EN, on you first level you can have 5,10,20, 30 people, which is pretty crap to manage plus one would become self gain rather than helping others.

If one were to join a 4x5 matrix, if you where to sign up 5 people, 4 people would be under yourself on your first level and the fifth would be forced to the third level under someone else, what they call spilover.

There are companies who will over 100% commissions with this method, but you have to look. FYI,$400 is still a lot of money to invest in, in my opinion.

As you have already invested, I would not recommend program jumping, but create a plan for the year and STICK with it, you have already invested your wealth and time to make this work.

Good luck

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by LeadCaptureCoach on Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:21 pm


You are right. sadly though!

Actually I was thrown out of my team for telling the truth!

I was in the team Tissa! He is a smart programmer...that even though he is not a good marketer he always is on the leader board!...Why?

Simple...very simple. He builds a software...and he sits in his butt while his associate build his brand and bring leads..that he easily convert into sells for himself! Of course some crumbs to his best and more active captive members!

He was mad at me because I challenge him about his dirty strategy...he let people go with their own marketing strategy even though he know people were shooting their own feet...but Tissa know that does not matter what kind of mistakes his associates made... he always will reap the fruition of the noise the people in his famous rota-tor are making!He could not stand me! And he convinced his captive audience to keep focus in just one opportunity while he partnered with other people to capitalize with the Empower Network competition like Pure Leverage! He is using Gary Chapelle to do that!

The final outcome is that the vast majority of sign ups are form him himself! He is growing like crazy and at the same time... not three people in his team is making at least 500 dollars a month! And we are talking of 300 + and 700 in waiting list to become members!

I am still member of E.N. and is good opportunity...but E.N. is not the best one! Very serious and better equipped opportunities have of them and for my humble opinion the best thus far is :
just add a . and replace the (dot) in both places and you get access to my site! And you can be ALL IN for just 400 bucks...or the basic for just 25 bucks!Take a look to my signature please!

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by Darren_Miller on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:57 pm

There are some pros and cons to Empower network (EN), the major pro that I see is one would have access to a complete back office selling funnel done for you. The conversions on this from what I heard of are pretty cool. So compared to most mlm/network marketing companies the system can generally do the selling for you.

In addition you get a high authority blog, but blogging WILL take a lot of time to benefit from. The cons, be prepared to spend a lot on traffic and testing. I know some EN marketers spend 1k a week to really drive visitors to their optin page.

I am not apart of EN, I had my reasons. The thing you also have to understand EN methods are not easily duplicatable for newbies, I know most will say yes it it. Why spend 1k a week on traffic or $200. In my opinion EN is more suited for hardcore marketers.

But lets not take away it is still a great program.

Re: Here's my view

Post by John Stafford on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:06 pm

Here's my view,

I've been with Empower for alittle while now. The main reason I joined was the residual income and that I could do it completely online. I'm from a traditional MLM background and I got tired of calling cold leads, prospecting and doing the serious daily MLM grind.

It's not really for everyone, if you don't have an interest in creating good content or working hard over time you probably should not join because you will not make the big money. I personally like to communicate with people online, like writing/blogging and have always loved helping people so its a match for me.

You really have to take a look at the program in depth and decide at the gut level if it's for you. That is all.


Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by Billy McKean on Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:20 pm

I just got started, and the process was pretty simple. You get setup with an awesome blog that is already dialed in. For a newbie like me, I couldn't ask for anything more while trying to learn.

I know someone commented on taking a risk by the blog being owned by another company, and it is indeed a risk. However, if you use it as a resource and with your other tools of making an online presence, then you have a very powerful resource. Powerful because it is a domain that is already ranking well, and can get you connected to many others in your market place. Doesn't matter if you use it for local marketing, your own personal brick and mortar business, or to push the product from Empower Network. You can have your own email capture as well, so that you always keep your loyal fan and customers. Don't forget you can connect other social media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc...) for staying in touch for the group of tribe that you create. Oops, talking to much sorry lol. Take care and share the love! :P

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by fifi on Thu May 03, 2012 2:15 pm

There has definitely been a lot of hype around empower network and I guess that is why I guess many people are joining them in part.

The value of information product is really in whether it works for you and helps build your business. For newbies, the done for you blogging system and training provided is a great way to get started. If you are more advanced, there is is definitely plenty of information that can take your business to the next level. The offer of 100% commissions is like the icing on the cake. If you find a good sponsor who is available to talk to you and help you through, this will be a huge boost to your chances of success.

Ultimately, you must take action - do your research and make an informed decision to jump in or run in the opposite direction. It's ultimately up to you.

Re: Is Empower Network worth Joining?

Post by BowTieGuy on Tue May 01, 2012 6:46 pm

It's funny :lol: how many people talk about blogs and lists. When your new it's the last thing you should be worried about. Empower Network is not something that will build you an empire! The product isn't bringing you true wealth!

Ranking high on Google and creating a capture forms and auto responders blah blah blah blah...These things are learned over time and are for more advanced computer users! When your a newbie you need a GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT LEADERSHIP to make it easier for you to succeed! If your trying to teach your team how to do all those things you should really stop it :roll: Try teaching them something the masses can do. :o

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