Attitude And The Law Of Associatation

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Re:Attitude And The Law Of Associatation

Post by nnofes on Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:46 am

I truly enjoyed reading your message. I found it to be very informative and right on time as we begin 2008. Applying the information shared in selecting team members for our business opportunity may just be the missing piece need for success in achieving more customers and sales.

Attitude And The Law Of Associatation

Post by gojiking on Wed Jan 02, 2008 8:47 pm

Dear Fellow Networker,

Attitude and your association are going to be major factors in the success or
failure of your business. It's important to acknowledge however, that attitude
and association alone will not make you a success. You must first learn the
models for success and follow them for these factors to work.

For the most part, people act on things based on how they feel. Their emotional
side is what makes them do some things and not do others. How you feel about your business will have a huge impact on your success. How you feel about a lot of other things also will come into play.

1. How You Feel About The Past

We all come into our business life with our own unique past. Past failures,
successes, relationships, disappointments, and experiences.

We can treat our past in 2 ways. You could either use you past as a club,
beating yourself over the head with it, saying "If only I'de done this or that,
my life would be different today." Some people spent entire lives reliving the
past. The past is not where you want to spend your time.

Better than a club, use your past as a school. As a vast resource to learn
from and to teach yourself how to become better. We receive a result from
everything we do, good or bad. From that, we can learn more things that we can
do to improve our life in the future. Simply study the result, and refine your
future actions. Let today be the day that you decide to take you past and use
it to create your future.

2. How You Feel Abour The Future

The power of the future is an awesome force. We as Humans have the innate
ability to borrow a well designed furure and it's inspiration and use that to
invest onto today's actiivity. Why else would you be reading this information
except for the impact it will have on your future?

The future is called the promise. Now for any worthwhile endeaver, there will
be an equally high price to pay for the promise, but the price gets easy when
the promise is strong. THerefore, we need to make a strong and well defined
goal, and that will become the greatest motivation on your life.

Also, if the promise is weak, the price will invariably be impossible. If you
can't see the meaning in your daily activities, if they are not pulling you
towards your own well designed future, the price will become too much to bear.
Make your future and it's pull on you a strong one. That and only that will
carry you through any adversity.

3. How You Feel About Each Other

We cannot have success by ourselves. We all need each other for ideas, inspiration,
strength, and encouragements. Two minds create a third, more powerful resource.
Masterminding is essential for success.

4. How You Feel About Yourself

Understanding self worth is the beginning of accelerated progress. We all know
how we feel when we feel good. We all know how we feel when we feel bad. We all
know that we have greatness within us. We all have the ability to do things
that we have not yet imagined. We all have talents and skills within us that we
haven't begun to reach for yet. Realize that it is not important to change how
porople view us, but what's important is how we view ourselves. Imagine what
could we do if we weren't limited by our present circumstances? We believe that
view of what you could do is what you should become. If you could be a leader,
then you should be a leader. If you could help thousands of people reach their
potential, then you should do it. And if you do not believe today that you can
do these things, then let our belief in your ability carry you until you have
enough results so that you can believe in yourself.

"The only limitation placed on our abilities is our inability to easily
recognize our unlimited nature......" Jim Rohn

Never underestimate the power of influence. There are two words that most
accurately describe influence. Influence is powerful and influence is subtle.

The influence of those who you spend time with, is going to have an incredible
effect on your success or failure.

We have all heard of the term "Pier Pressure". Pier pressure is mearly the
effect that the people you spend time with have over you. Ut is natural for
people to want you to move to their way of thinking. Influence is so powerful
because it can be so subtle.

This is what happens. When you associate with people that spend more money than
they make, chances are that you will also. If you hang out with people who go
to more ball games than concerts, chances are excellent that so will you. If
the people you spend time with are negative, then chances are, you will become
negative as well.

Now, we're not going to let someone yank us off course and wreck our lives, but
we will let them nudge us off course, bump us a bit, suggest us off course
until 10 years later we ask ourselves, "How did we get here?"

The three all important questions you must ask yourself, and you need to tell
the truith follow. Let the days of kidding yourseld be gone. Be honest with

And you must know that it matters. Everything matters.

Ask Yourself

Who Am I Around

What Are They Doing To Me?

Is That OK?

Napolean Hill, in "Think And Grow Rich" said that after studying some of the
most successful men in the world, that "The numbe one reason people fail in
life is that they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors."

Based on your answers to the above questions, here are some
actions you can take to correct or improve your associatation.

Actions To Take


Not to be taken lightly, but sometimes it needs consideration. Some people say
it doesn't matter and they wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. Sadly though,
they literally sacrifice their lives because they are afraid of conflict.

Disassociatation dies not have be confrontational. You can ease out of the
wrong persons' life. As hard as it may be, sometimes it is an all important

Limited Associatation

You may not want to disassociate with some of the people on your life. But it's
important to evaluate how nuch time your spending . It's ok to have casual
friends, as long as you give them casual time. Not serious time. It's ok to
spend 2 hours with some people, but not 2 days. It's ok to spend 2 minutes with
some people, but not 2 hours.

Here is how to have an average, mediocre life. Spend major time on minor things.

Here's how to have a successful life. Spend major time with positive influence
and minor time with negative influence. And you get to chose.

Now were not suggesting that you shouldn't care for or have compassion for
those people, or even be a positive influence on their lives. We're saying that
you have to be very careful of the incredible power of influence. Don't be
naive and think that it wont have an effect on you.

Expanded Association

Here is the most important of the three. Spend more time with the right people. People of substance and culture. People who understand philosophy and discipline. People of accomplishment and character. Like the people we meet here at Magnetis Sponsoring daily!

Ask yourself, "Who could I get close with and spend some time with that will help me grow?"

Who could you spend more time with that would have a positive influence on your
life? That's what I love about our business, is that we have the ability to
associate with the right people and create our own mastermind group. If you
can't find someone right away, begin with some tapes, cd's, books, and seminars.

This is what this training is all about. Teaching us how to think right.

This is what we call association on purpose. Your behavior will be mostly
influenced by ideas. Ideas are mostly influenced by education, and education is
mostly influenced by the people whith whom we associate.

Don't join an easy crowd. Most of the time we will only rise to the
expectations of those around us. Make sure those expectations are high. If they
are low or mediocre, that's probably how far you will stretch.

Your associations will have the greatest effect on you and your business when
starting out. You need to be very aware of the effect people are having over
you and your business.

We also want to share with you some of the things that can hurt you as well as the things that can help you. Diseases of attitude are a lot like weeds in a garden. To get a good garden, you need several things. First of all you will need good seeds. You also need good soil, and pleanty of water., and sun. You must pay attention to have a
good garden.

Now on the other hand, what do we have to do to get weeds? Absolutely nothing.
Do nothing and weeds will come up all by themselves. You do not need good
water, ground or seeds. Weeds are automatic. Gardens you have to tend.

This applies to all areas of out life. Like the man who takes a look at his
marriage and it is in complete shambles. "I did not intend it to be that way!"
Nobody intends for it to be that way. Here is how it happens. It's called
neglect. One month of neglect in your rose garden will require a year to
repair. Simple dont water, fertilize, or weed in the middle of the summer, and
it's over for your garden, right?

Here are the 7 diseases of attitude......

1. Indifference

This is number one. Indifference is the mild aproach to life.
Ondifference os the shrug of the shoulders saying "Oh you
know I can't get all that worked up about something." All I
can tell you is that if it's not worth getting all worked up
over, perhaps it's not worth doing at all, regardless of what
it is. Become excited about what you do. Let the passion flow.
We're really after people with strong feelings.

You must put everything you have got into everything you do.
Becom e the best that you can be. Nothing less will do. That
goes for making your fortune to kissing your better half in
the morning. A true adventure awaits you on either regard.

2. Indecision

Indecision is deemed mental paralysis. Oh, the agony of decision.
Indecision will bring you to your knees. This is when a person is
on the fence, and they can't quite decide which way to go.

Sometimes you just have to make a decision, and shoot for the best.
What will make a difference is practicing the habit of making
decisions quickly. A life full of adventure, and success is a
life full of making decisions.

Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity. Indecision is the
greatest thief of time, and the greatest thief of happiness. You
must learn how to decide more quickly. You have to learn how to
decide better. Not recklessly, or carelessly. But you must make the
decision and move on. If not, indecision will bring you to your knees.

3. Doubt

The third disease is called doubt. Doubt is like a plague. Thr worst
doubt that a person can have in their life is self doubt. To have no
confidence in themselves. If you are going to think about something,
why not think about something positive. If a person doubts for a
period of time, they become pretty soon a really good doubter. When
this happens, they end up with an empty cup and empty pockets. On the
other hand, when you become a believer, your life will begin to change.

Remember that trust is better than doubt. Always. Now you may not win
all of the time with this formula, but you will win with it a lot more
than you will with doubt, and you will much happier in the process.

4. Worry

Worry can cause many problems. Worry causes health probllems. Worry
causes social problems. Worry causes personal problems. Worry causes
economic problems. Family problems. Worry can bring you to your knees
and reduce you to a beggar over night.

Remember this always. The heavy chains of worry are always forged by the
mind and in idle time. Also, 90% of what you worry about never happens.

5. Overcaution

Some people are just cautious. This os the timid aproach to life. Some
people must "test" the water before they take the plunge. Sometomes this
may be deemed prudent, however often it's just an excuse for staying out
of the water all together.

Some people are always waiting for better days to come. Insanity is doing
the same rhing and expecting different results. Better days may never come.
Learn how to take the days the way they are, and make them into what you
want them to be. Realize, that there hasn't been a better day than today.
Remember, luck is when preperation meets opportunity. Are you prepared?
Create your own luck by working harder on yourself.

One of the biggest fears people have is the potential of risk. What if
this happens? What if that happens? People who chronically fail are
always looking at the risk. People who succeed look at the opportunity
within the risk. Risk is inevitable. You cannot succeed in life without

6. Pessimism

The pessimist always looks on the dark side. The pessimist always
looks at why it can't work. To the pessimist, the glass is always half
empty. To the optimist, the glass is always haly full.

The pessimist doesn't look for virtue. They look for faults. And once
they find a fault, they enjoy it. They look out of the window and
instead of seeing the sunset, all they see are the specks of dirt on
the window. The pessimist sees himself as smarter than the rest, but
they lose the good in life as a result.

7. Complaining

Let's face it, complaining will get you nowhere. People who complain
would be much better served by taking the same energy they use to
complain about something, and applying it to some posiitive action
that would actually get some results. People who complain don't want
results. If they got results, they would not know what to do with

So if you want success in your life, first you must control your thoughts!

Best wishes for Successin the new year!

Bob Spiro
508 981 9404
Northbridge, MA 01534

30 years experience in direct sales and small business ownership

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