Using online effectively

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Using online effectively

Post by drwhitefield on Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:37 pm

Hi, I've been an offline network marketer till I discovered this great stuff happening online recently.

I'd like to know this group's experiences in integrating offline effort with the online work. To rephrase, sure one gets loads of leads now (I'm doing 10+ per day in a short 10 days) but how do you get the prospect to do the physical stuff like

(a) Fill the paper form
(b) Write a cheque/effect a bank transfer
(c) Understand product features/benefits (demo)
(d) Attend meetings
(e) Buy support materials and repurchase products
(f) Duplicate (especially if the prospect is not web-savvy herself).

Offline, this necessitated a high-touch relationship, which gradually built trust and following. Question is, is high-tech enough? Especially across continents (I'm in India).

PS: Since I'm not in your business, maybe you find this does not apply to you, for which I'm sorry. Your views will be enriching nevertheless. Thanks.