strict USANA rules about internet marketing

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Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by LindaAnderson on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:47 pm

I agree with Jim, You really have to "sell" yourself. Best advice I ever got was from the Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation that I purchased from Usana office products.

Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by ChrisDawkins on Sat May 14, 2011 5:26 pm

I just ran across this thread and I liked what was being discussed here.

I've been at this place in my business for a LONG TIME and wrote on it on my blog (I'll give it, if asked); I actually think it's a very good post about my feelings about marketing MLM's online (I'm favorable).

I think the first question that ANY prospect should ask is, "what do I do after 6mos when I've run out of friends and family to contact?"

Folks, our industry hasn't changed their stance on how to build a business since 1955 or so when Amway started! We've sent folk to the moon and still no changes!

Our industry as a whole, no matter what company you are with must explore new ways for their Associates to market products and the opportunity without depending on friends, family and "trolling" the coffee houses looking for leads.

USANA is the greatest company to me out there, barr none but, it would be a lot easier for everyone if we were able to find or embrace a better way to attract business.

I'm going to stop there and if anyone would like to continue, please-I would love to continue this conversation.

Chris Dawkins
[email protected]

Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by tlawler15 on Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:34 am


Great post, and there are ways to market products without using the USANA name specifically. For instance, if you check out my site,, you can see how I have a simple capture page that gives away a free report about insomnia and how to combat it. They become a lead, and then I or a fellow associate can call them to see about what type of sleep issues they are having, with the PureRest as one option. Always give value, and you will be golden. Hope this helps.


Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by paysuccessforward on Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:30 pm

Hey JonMarc,

This is why Mike Dillard created the Traffic Formula 2 program, to help marketers who can't (and shouldn't anyway) market their products online.

The program shows you how to build an Internet marketing funnel to build your email list, and develop relationships with the people on your list by adding value to them, and then you can position Usana all you want in your email marketing system.

You can click the Traffic Formula 2 link to watch the overview video. I benefited greatly from the course.

Keep learning and growing!


Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by yayaman-ka on Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:51 pm

can we place product ads on the internet or not? we have a classified ad site here in philippines w/c is known ad site for Pilipinos and im wondering if i can advertise usana there

Re: strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by jimzimm on Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:42 am


I do not try to sell product on the internet, I try to sell myself and the system that I am using. I have found that I am not in the product sales business, but in the people business. Yes, I do sell product and have a significant amount of preferred customers on autoship, but they have become preferred customers because they weren't ready to become distributors, for a number of reasons, but were sold on the benefits that the products provide. My main goal when I get a preferred customer is to eventually turn them into a distributor, especially if they are ordering at least 100 points worth of product/month.

As far as recruiting on the internet, I would recommend looking at a business that I have joined. Take a look at it at, It is a one-stop-shop that provides capture pages, web pages, blogs, videos, ebooks, monthly leads, and way more. I had been recruiting on the net with limited success and when I came across this product, it contained everything that I was trying to do on my own.

Good Luck.

strict USANA rules about internet marketing

Post by jwright on Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:34 am

hey guys. i've been with usana since 2001 soon after i joined the military. my history with the company is pretty much irrelevant, other than to say that i joined as a distributor under my father primarily to use the stuff and if i got some of that back with checks (my father actually DID usana) then that was great, and also that i didn't start thinking about using the internet to develop it until about a year and a half ago.

that said, i'm curious what other people have found with regards to using the web and the strict rules usana has, because personally i have found them to be almost more beneficial than anything else.

one of the primary services that i provide my clients (talking about my consulting firm here, not my personal home businesses) is effective SEO solutions and internet marketing. about a year and a half ago i started thinking about how i might be able to use my knowledge to put together a system for developing highly targeted preferred customer leads.

the first problem i came up with was "how do i sell this product that i can't market?" the answer was simple, and uses some of the exact same techniques that MS and other programs teach about sponsoring new reps. the answer was to not sell the product. instead i decided to find some very specific keywords that were related to some of the selling points of usana products. then present valuable information related to those keywords and try to have the reader thinking "now that's some good stuff, if i could just find a product that put all of this together that would be great!"

i don't need to get into the whole process of the page and how that would be followed up, i think it is pretty obvious and this post is already getting long. the key is, i think that being "forced" to use techniques like this got me thinking about things like the follow-up system, what to do with the lead once you had them (they haven't been pitched a product yet), etc. in ways that i might not have thought about them had i been able to just market the product however i wanted.

anyway, so i'm wondering what other people's thoughts are on the subject, what experiences have you guys had in product sales via the internet, what effect do you feel the marketing policies have on producing preferred customers using the internet, and do you love or hate that effect and why?