Send Out Cards announces VIDEO in cards

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Send Out Cards announces VIDEO in cards

Post by benfitts on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:50 pm

Today Send Out Cards made a huge announcement.

They've merged online and offline technology to allow anyone to include video with cards.

SOC is currently beta testing the ability to insert QR Codes into cards.

A QR Code is a new type of barcode that most smartphones natively recognize. (iPhone users need a free app to use it.) You point the smartphone's camera at the QR Code and it scans it in. It can then redirect to a video, a web site, a map, GPS coordinates, or many other things.

This will allow SOC users to incorporate online marketing messages into an offline printed/mailed greeting card.

This is super cool and I can't wait to try it out. I've been speaking with people about ideas for using the QRcodes....

Realtors to link the QRcode to a video walkthrough of their properties...
A business owner who link the QRcode to testimonials about their business...
Soldiers who link the QRcode to videos they send back to their family overseas...
Kids who send QRcode video back to their parents while they are away in college...
Long Distance lovers who send QRcode videos, cards, and even presents to one another using our service...

And much more.

This is going to be HUGE :)