Zrii Poetry ?

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Zrii Poetry ?

Post by legacy on Sat Nov 03, 2007 1:34 pm there i was trying to think of a new article to write for my Zrii business...
and Voila a Poem popped into my Head.... Truly Bizarre. anyways... I might as well share!

Hope you enjoy..... Or laugh... or maybe smile :blush:

Zrii is packed with life for all
Light and Luster standing tall
Abundance glowing we are Zrii
Splendor, Beauty for all to see

Prosperity can we achieve?
A beacon trust you can believe
At last a home pre-launch is here
Our fortune calls so have no fear

Wealth awaits for those that act
We’ll pave the way and make a pact
No one left behind you’ll see
A place in Zrii for you and me.

Teaching Training it’s what we do
Side by Side we mentor you
Success is near in Zrii we trust
Forge ahead new heights we must

Manifest the Top no doubt
Hear are message hear our shout
Amalaki fruit’s the One
Enjoying life and having fun

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