how to best care for your loved ones?

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Re: how to best care for your loved ones?

Post by mlsanders on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:49 pm

I have to disagreed with you, Xuan. I have found that people live longer and can support themselves when they are independent, sellf supporting and living on their own. ;)
When you have to get out of that chair and fix your own food, wash your clothes, and clean your house, you are expressing an independence. It's not like you have someone else doing these things for you. You are not motivated to do anything. Everything is done for you which would make anybody seditary and emmobile. You become inactive and your bones will easily break from inactivity. ;)
I have watched my parents and several other elderly citizens who are very active beyond their retirement years. The ones who lived alone or with their partners lived very active lives. Look at the ones who are able to travel on their own. They are very active in the community and going all the time. My parents-in-laws moved to Florida and still living in a very active community. They are not in a rest home taking it easy.
Some of the people I work with are any where 20 to 25 years older than me. They are actively still working 40 hours jobs and they may stop working whenever they feel like it. There are judges still on the bench who are over 90+ and still actively working their schedules. :roll:
I truly believe that the good people in nursing homes were hard working people who didn't take care of their health when they were younger. :idea:

Re: how to best care for your loved ones?

Post by mlsanders on Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:11 am

I found that the best care for my loved ones is to start out making sure they are healthy. Remember, they have been taking care of us until we left the house. Now, we can take care of them to make sure everything is in order for them not to worry. They have insurance to take care of themselves and it should be paid for by now. Keeping them healthy during their retirement years is to keep them active in the community.
Since we were kids, we learned to eat healthy, live smoke free, and stay active in our community. Our parents are healthier now and can take care of themselves. My mother bought her own car and gets around very well. We laugh because she drives younger people around to do their shopping and errands with them. They did not take care of themselves when they were younger. Now, those people depend on other people for support. My parents-in-laws moved to Florida from Connecticut to live a better life. They are healthy and doing well. He mows his own lawn and maintains others in the area. She jogs in the senior track until she got sick. They are being taken care of very well. We all will get older some day. How we are living today matters very much on how we will live years to come. Will we be living on our own or living the good life in a rest home ?

how to best care for your loved ones?

Post by GeodePhilip on Wed May 05, 2010 4:47 am

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