My Secret Weapon for Cheap Outsourcing!

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Re: My Secret Weapon for Cheap Outsourcing!

Post by zonekarter on Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:50 pm

If you are such so confident then make a challenge between you and our company. Mean work on same keyword and make your site on top in low price. Whom win will promote the opponent business till one year.

My Secret Weapon for Cheap Outsourcing!

Post by MasterJoeda on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:28 pm

Hello fellow Better Networkers!

If your like most internet marketers you got into this business to make money not spend it.

You got into this business to spend more time with your family, not spend hours writing articles and doing other boring task to promote your site.

So, how do we free our selves up? We turn to outsourcing!
Well, there is only one problem...

Unless you've already got money coming in from your online business you will end up spending more on your outsourced task than your making online! :cry:

Sure you can get college students from the Philippines to write articles for $3 or $4 per hour...
If you don't mind having to rewrite them due to there lack of US Grammar!

Well... I have a solution for you!
It's the fastest growing outsourcing website online right now!

This website allows people to post jobs that they can do with an average price of $5!

Now I don't about you, but the last time I checked prices for US article writers the average price per article was $15!

You can outsource anything on this site, the sky is the limit!

Here is a short list of examples:
Create a Cool Intro Video
Get Your Press Release on Google News
Graphic Design
Video Distribution
Create an Iphone App for your Website
and Much More...

So go out there and start outsourcing your tast at a much cheaper rate!

Joe Pariseau

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