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Re: Jim Yaghi and facebook

Post by mlsanders on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:34 am

Take heart with your kids. They may just take over your business with you someday.
My son has helped me so much that I now share any profits I make with him. Well, somebody has to help finance his college years. :lol:
Facebook has had to change to keep up with the competition that is growing. Since the hype of facebook have died down a little, facebook had to do something is get some of its life back.
With cell phones being more popular, twitter, youtube, email and the old traditional writing letters, you would think that facebook would update their pages sometime to keep it fresh and inviting.
It also looks like there is more space for information and less space for common advertisers. If they fill up the pages with your information, there would be less space for people who advertise their products. They are not saying no to them but allowing less space to do it in.

Re: Jim Yaghi and facebook

Post by RichardDeHaven on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:30 pm

Hey Tim,

I've been using facebook for so long. The interface, in my opinion, is not that drastically different for me. sure there are some changes but I don't see the drastic changes. My news feed still looks the same and I still interact with it the same. My interactions have not changed. In fact I didn't notice it until I started reading the comments.

So many of my friends are up in arms about it. I've been telling them take a chill pill. Is it really that bad, most scream yes. What besides the news feed do most of the people use? All the other bells and whistles most don't even use. I asked my friends this question and most of them say they usually only use the news feed.

I guess the truth is most people don't like change once they are use to it and that is why many don't do what is necessary to improve their lives. I'm not saying this is the case for all who are angry with facebook but a good majority.

I am also not saying that Facebook couldn't be improved on. I agree with some of the comments above about what changes Facebook can make but this doesn't come close to the revolt I've seen. Like anything there is always room for improvement. Facebook is still pretty new compared to the life a business. Changes will continue to happen.

Appreciation from the Heart,

Richard De Haven

Re: Jim Yaghi and facebook

Post by Andrea_Thornton on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:24 pm

Hey Tim :)

I am so un-savvy I didn't realize anything changed! It still looks like cuniform to me. I just keep punching buttons till what I wanted happens. I can see how it would be bad for people who were already good at FB, but since I never mastered it in the first place, it's same ole same ole hit and miss for me. :roll:

My 15 year old is better at FB than me - which is good, because I have to enlist her help sometimes. LOL

My 8 year old came home from school the other day and told me several of his friends agreed to join my business, but their parents wouldn't give them any money! When I asked him how he got them to agree, so I could use his strategies, he had already forgotten. (Dangit!)


Re: Jim Yaghi and facebook

Post by jimyaghi on Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:22 pm


lots of people think we should just "live with it" and they argue that angle. i'm sure to some extent we're going to have to, but i thought there was a good marketing lesson at least for ME in the big mistakes Facebook made.

Yes, in my opinion, they made a serious miscalculation.

First of all, to be clear, i LOVE the new features Facebook added. There is no doubt in my mind, that they have made the platform BETTER.

However, my objections were more on an Interface level.

I believe that Software Usability is more important than Marketing when it comes to Websites.

USABILITY means the user finds a website/interface/software INTUITIVE, EASY TO USE, and is SATISFIED with how quickly they can achieve their goals.

Facebook's errors were in their Usability.

A software user (that's what Facebook members are) is used to a certain way of doing things. If you're going to improve your software and add more features, you need to keep that in mind. No body likes to have to learn a software from scratch every time it receives an update.

Facebook should have made their changes GRADUALLY. This would have allowed people to take it in one feature at a time. The changes Facebook made were ENORMOUS and extremely alien to the millions who had spent months earlier mastering how to get things done on the platform.

If we wanted to switch to a new Social Network, now would be the time. The major hurdle before us was that a new software would have taken time to get used to and learn. All things being equal, Google+ and Facebook's new interfaces are equally difficult to master. Google+ made every effort to keep their interface as "familiar" as possible to social network users....while Facebook tried to invent a new one all together.

Secondly, Facebook cluttered the interface with strange defaults that are foreign. Namely, their chat bar is open by default which is annoying. It doesnt scroll properly or easily, takes forever to search, and is very difficult to browse.

When we hit chat, we want to talk to people who are online. They should be shown first, not the friends we interact with most. Further, we should be allowed to rearrange our friends into the order we want to see them.

Thirdly, the News interface is now in some small box above the friend list. Yes we can resize its height, but we cannot expand its width. A lot goes on in there, and the feature is AWESOME but i'd like to see it in a full screen view. I can't. We should be able to expand the width to the size WE are comfortable with.

Fourthly, the two panes for News Feed and Friend list need to scroll. They have little invisible scrollbars on the right that only show up when we hover our mouse. The scrollbars are some light gray shade we can barely see and not too many have noticed even....AND it's skinny as heck making it hard to focus the mouse on it to scroll with.


Fifthly, the scrollbars of the News and Friends list are sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THE MAIN WINDOW SCROLL BAR. Literally with no gap. When we scroll the main window, depending on what we're focused on, we expect that particular pane to scroll. That means, we don't consistently want the MAIN window to scroll when we use the vertical scroll-bar...sometimes we want the friends list to scroll...sometimes we want the news feed to scroll.

This is unintuitive. And ANY good Software Interface Designer will tell you plain and simple, that you should NEVER place two scrollbars side-by-side because it causes confusion and is ugly.

For me, this is the worst error they made.

Imagine YOU created a landing page on your website as a marketer and had your information laid out this way...with one small window nested inside another...both with scrollbars. How do you expect your website visitor to navigate your site if they're confused about which scrollbar scrolls which window?

It's stupid. that's what it is.

I imagine Facebook will correct this as soon as they become wise to the confusion.

An easy fix would be to add some PADDING between the small scrollbars and the window's right edge.

I think in time, they will also realise they should allow us to resize the width of the news feed to our preferences.

And one day, maybe, hopefully, they'll let us group and organise our friends the way we like in the chat bar.

Or they might do something different all together. Who knows. But it remains a mistake and it needs fixing.


Re: Jim Yaghi and facebook

Post by Nemo on Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:58 pm

Hi all unlike many of you I have really struggled to get the 'feel' of facebook. i now see that even those that are more computer savvy than I am (and that means just about everybody) are now feeling pretty indignant about all of the latest recent changes as well.

The email at the bottom of this page was sent to me from Jim Yaghi who is certainly (at least in my opinion) one of the most respected members on this forum. I would appreciate the general feelings regarding these comments and how the members on here feel about the whole facebook domination.

Total respect to Jim Yaghi, regards Jim T.