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SECRETS To build a successful Vemma MLM business

Postby katongole johnny.s on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:01 am

From the desk of Katongole Johnny

Multi Level Marketing is the single GREATEST way to leverage your time and resources to make a fortune provided you know the secrets of the MLM industry. The main reason while people fail in ANY home based business is because they simply quit. The two main reasons why people quit is because 1. They run out of leads and prospects and 2. They run out of money for advertising etc. Of course there are many other subordinate reasons for example: poor training, poor marketing skills or they run out of patients while waiting to achieve the “break even point” etc.

I have been involved with the MLM industry for almost 10 years now and have discovered some key secrets how you can build any MLM business like VEMMA successfully. I took me many years and many lumps on the head while learning them. Now I’ll share a few secrets with you.

Reality-Networkers Reveils Many Hidden MLM Secrets
MLM Secrets #1:

Your VEMMA business has nothing to DO with your company or your products! Seriously. People aren't looking for a company to join - they're looking for a person to join. A LEADER. Someone who can show them the them to the top. Did you ever consider that the amount of money you make is a direct measure of your worth to society? It's TRUE! That’s why a surgeon or an engineer makes so much more than say a fast-food worker or a cab driver....! And it's no different in network marketing. If you want to increase your income, well, then you've got to increase your value to society!

See, people like to buy from those they admire and respect. Those that can offer them real value. That's why, when you become truly valuable to others, you never have to "sell" anything. You never have to try and convince anyone. People come to you, already wanting what you have! It's called 'Attraction Marketing'...and it's really the only way to become a successful marketer in the Internet age.

So....the most important thing you could ever do if you want to become wealthy, regardless of your occupation, is to increase your value to others by increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill sets. That's where you start. That's what you have to do -- , stop placing expensive ads, stop prospecting and cold-calling, started to EDUCATING yourself,read, research, study -- everything and anything about marketing you should get your hands on.

And everything will start changing...

How to solve the two problems mentioned in the first paragraph? Your marketing campaign will need to have what’s called a self-funded marketing system or more commonly known as a “A Funded Proposal”. Essentially what this means is ways to have your advertising methods pay for themselves. Funded proposals will help you grow your network marketing organization to a big number of people in a very short amount of time.

So why don’t all these mlm companies teach you these marketing techniques?
Well the answer is quite simple actually. Most of these companies are founded by people seriously passionate about their product. Most however have zero, nada, zip education or experience in the fields of sales and marketing. So what do they do? Spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to promote their products. NOPE! They use a network of independent distributors with the compensation plan in the form of a multi-level commission structure or more commonly known as a multilevel marketing and network marketing business. This essentially transfers ALL the risk to its distributors. So it’s no surprise why a high percentage of people who join an mlm network marketing company never make a dime and quit.
Now you're going to be Unique in Vemma if you build a big list because money is in the list,without people everything is worthless

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