Network Marketing Success: Newbie to Millions in under 6 Yrs

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Network Marketing Success: Newbie to Millions in under 6 Yrs

Postby Lou Abbott on Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:18 am

Yep. He did it. He achieved not just millionaire status but built over a million dollar per year income.

And even more remarkably, he did it in under six years from being a total, complete, wet-behind-the-ear beginner!

And nope, he didn't do it by using attraction marketing techniques (though I love those methods).

You may, in fact, be surprised by exactly what he did as revealed in Part III of "The Network Marketing Success Formula."

This part includes how Ken Dunn scores himself with the formula in an 18 minute interview. I think you will find some real nuggets of valuable reality in his comments! I sure did.

I would be interested in your comments back here in the community when you have watched it here:

MLM Success, Network Marketing Success

No pitch here. No companies mentioned. Just great tips for all of us.
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