STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

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STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Roger Silen on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:18 pm

ok... i just need to rant for a minute.....

I am so sick and tired of trying to research a company... Trying to find the skinny on a particular opportunity when all i come across are the Same old "Attraction Marketing" Ads over and over and over again that have absolutely nothing to do with what I am looking for.!!!!!

Can anyone relate to what I am talking about.....

Something that I heard Gary Vaynerchuk say recently that has really stuck with me..

To be Successful now and in the future one MUST Market with TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!!! Social Media Tracks EVERYTHING you do!!

First let me say this.... With the popularity of Social Media... Personal Branding is More important now than ever but I don't think it means Hiding behind a Generic "Attraction Marketing" System anymore... we all know that 99% of people using these sites have no idea how to build a business... I really believe that NOW more then ever it's Time You brand yourself Independently of this Cookie cutter approach... now I am not suggesting you not use these systems all together.... Just focus your time on adding VALUE to YOU! concentrate on your blog.. concentrate on building your unique angle and sharing ideas... Concentrate on being Different. The 'ol swap and Sell is not cool anymore.... How many times have you pulled up another video of someone saying.. "so.. you are either in XYZ company or your looking for information on it.... well I don't have any of that but you need leads and cashflow... blah blah blah......" Over and Over and Over again....

If I want to find information on a business 90% of what I will find no matter what the company is... is an avalanche of the same old story websites trying to bait and swap!!! We all know your ultimate motive is to build your primary company.

I truly believe that leaving your bait under the guise of another opportunity by using its name etc.. will not only Stop working in the very near future (because today's consumers are very savvy) but google knowing that thousands of its valued customers are not getting the information they typed into the google search bar Will Put a stop to it!! That is what I think will happen.... If your site is not truly about XZY company i predict a time in the very near future that you will simply not be able to advertise on adwords for that term!!! I guess time will tell....

Here is point number two!!! again going back to this Transparency thing... I think moving into the future it is going to be IMPERATIVE that your Co-Brand Yourself WITH your Opportunity... not just trying to brand you all by yourself... Brand you brand your team and brand your alliance with your company of choice and why you chose it... Be proud of what you represent.. attach your name to it... and no i am not suggesting for a second that you go backwards and start pitching again.... I guess the bottom line is this I think people should be able to find out what you are all about and what company you represent when they google your name....

This is what I think will ultimately be the most powerful strategy moving forward!! I think it is also good for the industry because it will hopefully incentivize people to STAY with their company so as not to leave a trail of business hopping!! I know I have been there and it's not what you want to do.....

The game is changing... You Must be Transparent.... When i do a search for a company I expect to see lots of information on that company.. As a google user and as a google customer that is what I want... I can promise you that the way things are going Google is going to go Slap happy very soon as it realizes how frustrated many of its users are.... Then what will you do.....

Here's a Hint... Develop your Own Original Content... Quite trying to ride of off other companies and products hoping to try the good ol bait and switch!!! It pisses people off. I don't mind peope doing a good honest review.. just as long as you provide value..... Thats all i ask....

Write a blog... give something meaningful to the community... That's how you are going to gain influence and a following...

Sorry for all that just getting a bit heated as I am trying to research a company... and every second video or article is for someone trying the old bait and switch....

Best of Success
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Roger Silen
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Colin Durkin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:41 pm

Amen Roger, there are too many people that are doing the exact same thing that made them fail with old school techniques with attraction marketing. Don't get me wrong, personal branding and attraction marketing are great and if used properly are ONE good way of growing and expanding your business. However, it is not the be all, end all and the solution to all of your problems. People can sense weakness and when you start "spamming" attraction marketing and its principles you are no different than the guy/girl that spams his/her opportunity. Also, these are the people that are most likely to chastise a person for spamming their opportunity. Figure it out, its just another predetermined path and it doesn't make you better than someone else who hasn't learned yet. Both methods, WHEN USED PROPERLY, can bring back fantastic results. Regurtitating what you read in Mike Dillard's book isn't what he is trying to teach or anyone else for that matter. Apply the concepts you learn, don't just go around saying you are a guru and spout off motivational quotes, that adds less value than the person spamming their opportunity. At least with those people you are made aware of a company you may not have heard of.
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Roger Silen on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:45 pm

Thanks for your words Colin......

and hey it's actually refreshing to see a Real Business in your sig file... lol

Best of Success to you,

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Roger Silen
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Cindy Youngblood on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:32 pm

I enjoyed your "rant" Roger

The truth for me is I never searched online for my current business opportunity. I was so burned out by what I found online that I didn't trust anything anylonger.

So I joined some local networking groups and met people. Real people. Not stories online. I got to spend time with them and see what they were doing and evaluate if it would work for me.

In the end it was the people that made the difference....I guess this was true Attraction Maketing but they didn't know it....hehehe

Cindy Youngblood
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Cindy Youngblood
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Nathaniel Johnson on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:41 pm


I think you're missing the point here. The entire lessons embedded in Attraction Marketing teach people on how to capitalize on such traffic sources like Google. Hence, the fact that you are searching hot terms like "how to make money online" or "quality business online" or any of the dozens of other phrases and these attraction marketing students' landing pages are what you're running into.

Feel free to swing by my blog if you want some free insight on what this whole attraction marketing thing is about, if you're tired of being negative about it. :-/
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Nathaniel Johnson
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Keith Rispin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:46 pm

I watched so many people in the past 2 years dump so much money into the Attraction Marketing Guru programs, I shudder to think how many people it has ruined financially.

I was worked pretty hard by one of these marketers for months until the whole thing collapsed and I had a court side seat to watch a number of people I had befriended get ruined.

I am glad it is all beginning to fade.

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Keith Rispin
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Neil Johnson on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:48 pm

Roger, it seems to me you are still talking about attraction marketing.. but doing it in a way that is more genuine. Am I right?
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Neil Johnson
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Daniel Campagnoli on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:28 pm

Be proud of what you represent

Top post Roger. People are attracted to those with passion about what they are doing. Ask yourself why is it you joined your particular company? I find my company's story has a better appeal to the people I want in my business than the generic attraction marketing message, and most importantly it duplicates better. Our owners know branding better than I ever will.

Another factor to take into consideration is your target market. If your message is in front of people in the IM scene then the attraction message might be better. If your in front of people who are already familiar with it all then they might be looking for a better company to apply their marketing skills to. The fact is some companies grow a lot faster than others because of a variety of factors.

If you listen to Daegan Smith, Johnathan Budd and Mark Hoverson they all teach the importance of being unique and attracting those that connect with your own character. The generic attraction marketing systems by default don't build relationships they just teach marketing, usually through other peoples products and training which really brands them as the experts. There a lot to learn from theses systems but your results will come from how you apply the principles.
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Daniel Campagnoli
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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby monica odenwald on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:50 pm

I have a little teensie eensie weensie question...ISN'T ATTRACTION MARKETING ABOUT IDEAS? I mean visually we are all attractive here on BN.

I am attracted to like-minded people but more attracted to the new revolutionary products or IDEAS that serve something greater in my life and give it more meaning.

Yes the end result is money but please not another do it for the money commercial. People want enlightenment...right Sandeep? :D

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Re: STOP the Attraction Marketing INSANITY!!

Postby Darren Prichard on Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:09 am

Hey Roger well said! I agree your blog and BN profile should be doing the selling or personal promotion for you instead of some some sort of lead generating system which to me just makes MLM/Network Marketing more complicated and slows up the sponsoring process!

Basically what I am saying is that I think we should all be promoting our name/blog & BN profile to get people to look at our product/service or income opportunity without having to resort to some sort of lead generating or sponsoring system which is just another step or two or three in the sales process.

Just saying hello or putting across your point of view here eventually gets people visiting your blog or profile. Then when they are on your profile they will learn a little about you, your interests etc and what you are promoting.

Problem is most people here are trying to get you to optin in to their lead generating system before you even find out what company/companies they are promoting.

Roger would be good to see your photo on your blog.

Wishing you success
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