Can you work 2 mlm's?

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Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby carlton jones on Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:05 pm

What do you guys think about working two mlm's?
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carlton jones
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Laura McCallum on Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:58 pm

Check each one's policies and procedures. Then double check them.

Beyond that, much depends on you. Why do you want to do both- how will you divide your time and attention between both?

Who do you know that is extremely successful at the top of 2 or more MLM's at the same time? If you know someone that fits this bill ( I don't), interview them and find out what they recommend.

It's difficult to be passionate about building more than one, unless one accelerates the growth of the other, for instance, you start out with a specific ( nutritional, cosmetic, technology based or other) MLM and then begin working with a generic automated marketing company that provides what you need to make both businesses grow.

The leaders in the industry generally just focus on building their own brand. THEM, INC.

You have to decide what makes YOUR brand. What represents YOU? Beyond legal agreements, this is largely up to you and who you are.
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Laura McCallum
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Lincoln Parks on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:16 pm

My answer to this is emphatically NO! Remember this is only my opinion. However, will never make the big dollars working two MLM opportunities at one time. Ask anyone that is now focusing on multiple MLM opportunities if they have made the big bucks. I highly doubt it. What you need is focalization.

That simple means focusing on ONE opportunity for 2hrs a day (doing real follow up and prospecting), 6 days a week, for 1 (one) full calendar year in order to reach 100K per month in one opportunity. I'm not sure of your reason why you are doing multiple businesses, and if its because one is not making you enough money, its most likely because you are not focusing properly and doing what's necessary to succeed. Focus on one business and stick to it. Work it like you are about to die in a year, and don't loose sight. Don't allow every NEW Ground floor opportunity to sway you away from your goals. Stick to it and continue.

Just my two cents!
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Lincoln Parks
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Otis Brown on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:58 am

Hello Carlton,

I am relatively new to the business, but I would personally find it difficult to do two. But, I believe that if your organizational skills and work ethic are good, you could do it. Needless to say, making a decent return on your efforts helps.

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Otis Brown
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Michael B Wilbraham on Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:39 am

I concur that it is difficult to work two or more MLM's if you are working them using all the taught "traditional" techniques. The diversity of the products between the two different company's alone, would make this a difficult challenge.

However, some network marketers are using online methods to generate prospects into their businesses. While these methods & systems are part of the marketers arsenal & they are getting paid a commission when someone joins the system as a referral from them ie more affiliate based, there is one I know of (but do not personally use) that does incorporate a binary commission payment system to reward the marketers who bring in members to the system.

So, these marketers are working two MLM's simultaneously - you will find they talk about their "primary" opportunity and then their "secondary" opportunity, which is the MLM on the system they use to generate leads.

I can understand being paid an affiliate commission on one level only, but trying to develop two MLM's at the same time is difficult. The beauty, on the other hand of getting paid from a lead generation system is that you are getting paid from the system even if the prospect does not join you in your "primary" business, but still elects to make use of the system to build her/his own MLM business. It kinda makes sense to me!
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Michael B Wilbraham
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Greg Martin on Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:59 am

I guess it depends on who you are at what you have available to you as far as your marketing is concerned.

I am actually in 2, and have built small teams in both using the internet, and neither of them I am currently promoting anymore for various reasons. But I was promoting both at the same time to a totally different group of people and was able to build both at the time.

I have totally dropped away from building MLM. You can blame the Coffee House letter for that one... thankfully.
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Greg Martin
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Melvin Goodrum on Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:42 am

I know a person who actually works 5 different MLMs. I don't know how she does it but its easily done. All you have to do is register your MLM's under a different business name and no organization will know better.

I of course would not do it because its simply too much on the plate but she manages just fine
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Melvin Goodrum
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby James Bennett on Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:33 am

I'm curious if you can truly devote the time (especially if you're just starting out) to two MLMs. ... I am a "preferred" customer to a couple of mlm companies, but I only work one compensation plan. I believe in supporting the industry, so I check to see if products that I desire can be found from a direct seller/mlm company. I believe the legal issues come in to play usually if you are trying to cross-recruit between two different companies.....
Affiliate marketing is different; these are usually one-time commissions for referring someone to purchase from a company and you usually don't build a down line in these organizations (there are some exceptions). I believe in this multiple streams of income approach: One primary mlm opportunity, a good internet marketing system, varied affiliate marketing programs, and investment activities (turn that cash back into assets that generate additional income).

I wish you the best,

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James Bennett
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Brad Emmert on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:09 am


I would say absolutley not!

If you are having to look at adding company #2 tells me is that company #1 is not the right company.

Find a quality company with a compensation plan that will pay you residualy and has diversified products then go out and build it deep and strong.

Plus you are ruining your credibility by running in two directions. Would Lexus promote BMW's on the side for some extra cash?

Find the right company plug it into the right marketing system, then put your head down and don't look up until you are a hopless success.

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Brad Emmert
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Re: Can you work 2 mlm's?

Postby Bruce Cagle on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:18 am

No - He who chases two chickens catches none. I'm sure a few hard core MLMers do it, but if you find what you love about one company, can any other compare? How would you decide who goes where?

Focus is key, I've never seen or heard of someone personally doing it successfully. And if you do one company right and with your whole heart - you will be a success.

More than one company means your hedging your bet, that person truly does not believe they are offering the very best to others (any good pay plan will do).

I wish you well.
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Bruce Cagle
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