Where Do YOU Find Hungry Networkers and MLM'ers

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Where Do YOU Find Hungry Networkers and MLM'ers

Postby Chris Hurney on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:03 pm

Hey everyone. I was big in networking and direct sales back in the day and did very well. I have converted to doing something I enjoy more. Basically I spend my day helping people get truly free no risk shots to win life changing money. I have had hundreds of people win off the free contests with many winning thousands. I have had a lot of success finding mlm or networkers to sign up as I create an offer for them that is too good to pass up. I am looking for some feedback on where to find mlm'ers and newtorkers in mass where you can actually reach out to them and give them this offer. In the past I know once a buyer always a buyer. The game has changed since the mass mailing and the voice broadcasting. Where do you go now to find opportunity buyers. I want to help someone win a million dollars this weekend and am itching to spread the word! ( helped a guy win $2k last weekend)


Best of success!

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Re: Where Do YOU Find Hungry Networkers and MLM'ers

Postby willie robertson on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:32 am

Hi Chris,

Most recommend Face Book, you can engage and interact with people there in real time... Do not spam like most tend to do, engage and be helpful soon people will start to search you out.

But also beware, some will search and try to connect with you so as to sell you on their opportunity.

Good luck
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