Is BetterNetworker Dead?

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Is BetterNetworker Dead?

Postby Adam Chandler on Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:02 pm

Hey whats up this is Adam Chandler

I've been a BN member for a long time now and I recently thought it would be cool to get back on the site and start submitting content again so I renewed my ABN membership so that I could submit content....

I was charged for my membership of course, but when I went to submit a blog, I got taken to an error page that said, this content no longer exists and my content was never submitted.

Is BetterNetworker dead?

Is anyone else submitting content or using the site to connect with other members?

Any insights would be helpful!

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Re: Is BetterNetworker Dead?

Postby Bill Elsenrath on Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:15 pm

Hi Adam, I was wondering the same thing. I used Ahrefs and ran a report on Better Networker. It showed organic traffic at 495 a month. Organic search was at 377. The term Better Networker showed a search volume of 30 searches a month. This info came from my Ahrefs Advanced loyal plan which is a great tool to analyze a website. I would love to see this site getting a whole lot more visitors each month. I would be willing to get a paid plan. It might be good to do a re-launch of this site and start with a reduced signup price. I was a paid member at one time I do believe because I have articles up that can only be placed with a paid membership. Here is the link to where I got the above information.

I hope this helps some people that are looking for answers.
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Bill Elsenrath
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