Add A Better Filteer to Popular Articles Please..

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Add A Better Filteer to Popular Articles Please..

Postby Adam Taha on Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:35 am

It's real sad and unfortunate to see people messing with the system. Look at the POPULAR POSTS TODAY, on BN. I clicked on 3 to see and what I find?

A link. That is it. A link towards their blog.

There needs to be a better filter system for people who don't get it. I'm reporting them as spams so I'm doing something from my side as I know BN team will be busy. But man, what waste.There are many articles that are killer articles from people, and these are not even getting on their.

But the one with no contribution, just adding a link, and that's it is a popular post of today???

To BN community. You can help by reporting these as spams. Just a click on a button will help to clean up the BN community. It can't happen without you and all of us...our community support because end of the day, without the community, without your leadership, initiative from will get worse.

I see so many amazing articles by people, and I wish they were at the popular section. It's why I vote for them, tweet, share in the hope it will make a difference too. I hope you do same and not just read or we become part of the problem.

People should earn to be on the Popular Posts. A new filter system needs to be in place but we as a community can help as well. So if you see a spam, post that is just a link and it's rated as "POPULAR POST TODAY" report it.

Don't add comment on their articles to argue. Just report it. In the hope that message from BN team may help the person to realise. Some won't but some will and it will help the overall community. BN has a vision but it cannot be realised without all of our help. It's your community, our community.

And it's a reflection of all our leadership.

Honestly, waste of time me clicking on post numerous times to find just a link.

Adam Taha
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Re: Add A Better Filter to Popular Articles Please..

Postby Cathie Heath on Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:42 am

Here, here!!

Those of us who really CARE about this community and the value it provides to marketers, will take Adam's suggestion to heart.

The admins behind the scenes can't do it alone. It's time that we step up and take responsibility for OUR community.
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