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Postby Erik Chamorro on Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:35 pm

I joined this site back in january, I got discouraged with the MLM business I was trying. I came across another opportunity, i feel good about it, It's a good product and the room for growth is tremendous. I just dont rember how to apply Mike's course, I'm back to step one and I don't remeber what that step is. HELP!

Erik Chamorro
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Re: Help

Postby Roger Silen on Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:56 pm


The goal is to start promoting yourself.. YOU INC. You want to brand yourself as a leader worthy of people's attention...

Start by learning everything you can about our industry... Learn the top marketing techniques, learn what it takes to be successful, learn about Leadership and the Mindset of a winner... Learn Learn Learn.... and then share!!

Thats the goal when you venture onto a site like this... This is the strategy that Mike Dillard speaks of... Attraction Marketing, Funded Proposals..... Generating Cash Flow before people join your business because you are offering value to the online community..

Find out what your target market needs, find out what their challenges are and then teach them how to overcome them.

If you dont know your target market's Hot Buttons you need to find them out... You can do that by just hanging out here and listening to what people are talking about. The online Conversation of our Industry will give you all your answers.... Hook up with people that can teach you... Look for a mentor or mentors....
Learn through their experiences to accelerate your own....

Get involved in the conversations around the BetterNetworker Site... dont pitch people on your business Opp.. especially here because you will not get results. This is like a great big Training Camp. The longer you hang out here the more you will learn and the more you learn the more of a leader you will become and the more of a leader you become the more success you will see as others are attracted to you and your information..

Make Sense???

Best of Success,

Roger Silen
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Roger Silen
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Re: Help

Postby Robert Nelk on Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:25 pm


Read Mike's course again.
Then take one thing from it and learn to do it well.
Look around here and see what interests you and see what you can learn.
Leave some constructive comments here and there.

What part of Internet Marketing appeals to you? Start to go with that.

Take action.

Good luck.
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Robert Nelk
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Re: Help

Postby Michelle Moseley on Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:07 pm

When I read the book, MS, it was over my head. The same was true for The Renegade. I'm quite new to the computer and I had no clue. I was only able to start moving ahead by implementing the Renegade University. I'm not going to link to it because I don't want to spam, I just want to let you know what worked for me.
Michelle Moseley
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Re: Help

Postby on Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:54 pm


I know how you feel, I think everyone here knows the overwhelming sense of being at a loss. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone, list all of your questions and get some real answers. I wrote and article about a topic related to this, and if you go to my profile look at the articles you'll see the one I am talking about.

One thing that I can tell you to do is look within this site, read about the people here and pick someone that you can identify with. You can contact them on their profile, and ask them if they will give you 20 minutes of their time, to answer some of your questions. I know that just about everyone here would be happy to talk to you. We all preach to be willing to give without asking anything in return, so I am sure that you can find the guidance you are looking for if you just ask for it.

To your Success,

Roberto G Guerrero
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Re: Help

Postby Adam Taha on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:10 pm

Have you still got the course mate, you got from Mike?

Go back to it and like others have said, read and apply one thing first and move forward. The main is,

1. Don't brand product or service but you. That means, be transparent to everyone, be yourself. Now, since you know what you want to do, and I hope you do, and passionate about it...then be good at it. Learn about your industry. Because many in the industry may not know much, and need knowledge. You can give them that but you need to apply it first.

So let's say you got products, and products is what? Ok, let's nutritiion. Right? Now, you don't talk about your nutrition products. You want to share your knowledge about nutrition, how they made, where from, what's history, and just be you. Brand yourself dude, and be the best with that knowledge. Now, people see you as an expert and they're like..

"Hey, this guy knows his stuff about nutrition man! I am registering on his site, for real!"

2. You can be creative. Like, getting a camera, and you go out and get interviews of people talking about nutrition, what is confusing them about nurtition, what do they know about nurtition, and really get your own tv show but not a tv show, but you know what I mean.

Video...YOU and you interview. (just an idea mate). So now, you got it going man. You're kicking with your stuff and you took it even further, and bring in professionals being interviewed. Heck, you ever got some football players, and others talking about "how nutritition helps them" without naming a nutrition company.

3. You can go further, and create an opt in form on your can do a seperate one two, and create a capture page. With one of your videos, sharing values, and say..

"You will get Free 30 mins video training on health and nurtition."

You can use a strong and question headline for example, "are you confused with the different nutritions out there. Like to know more about what nutrition supplements do for you?"

Then hook it with your own story. Now, I know I just choose nutrition mate, and it will be totally different to what you are doing I bet, cause I ain't see your profile yet, but you get the idea.

4. Now, you got a capture too. So you work to get people to that capture people, and quality people we call traffic. So now, it depends how you advertise for free, or go into nutrition forums and see what people asking and help out, give answers learnt, you applied what you know.

People who see you know what you're talking about will follow your signature ink to your capture page. Then if they see value in your video or headline, and see they need that knowledge, then they will fill in that form.

5. Now, you got emails, leads. You can create discussion by sending an email headliner that has a question and get them all to go right to your blog to discuss. Again, you are engaging the people, educating and entertaining.

6. You can also create video training on your blog, and again, email the list and get them to come back to watch, discuss, engage.

But definitely mate, read the Magnetic Sponsoring again, and try one thing, get good at it, THEN try the next step.

This is just one of the websites out of many I've designed and then built built by web developer called Wayne Hatter. Want to see others let me know..
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Adam Taha
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Re: Help

Postby Nathaniel Johnson on Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:46 pm

You are approaching the idea of making money online from the wrong angle...

Think back to when you "failed" with your company. The only way someone fails online is by quitting. The only reason someone quits is because they get discouraged. Think now, why did you get discouraged?

You are jumping in this right around Christmas time, maybe because of the costs of all these gifts people expect us to give them this year. But my point is do not think about how fast, how much or how easy you will be making money. I would not even think about money or about specifically the magnetic sponsoring course.

What I would do is read. This is the primary thing I do on betternetworker. I just read people's blogs. I read good blogs, bad blogs, spam blogs, pathetic ones, inspiring ones; I do not so much pay attention to the content as I do the authors motive. Why is this person here? Why did this particular user come online and how does this stack up against why I came online?

Learn from fools and from sages - Aerosmith
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