Big Network Marketing Event In South Florida

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Big Network Marketing Event In South Florida

Postby Ryan Blaire on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:27 am

[quote][/quote]Hi Everyone,

My name is Ryan Blaire and I have been in the Network Marketing industry for just about 3 years.
Mike's course got me started and I moved on from there.

Although this post may be a little specific at this point...(ie: This Event is going to take place in South Florida), I wanted to send it out to all as you never know who it could help or who YOU may know that lives in South Florida. And if YOU live in South Florida...I believe this will be a great fit for you.

Why I'm Writing This Post...
I currently work for a cluster of popular radio stations in West Palm Beach, FL. Being a network marketer at heart (and due to the uncertainty in this US economy), I created an event called "Recession Relief" that will be heavily promoted by all five of my radio stations here in South Florida. The event will offer Network Marketers the opportunity (and the platform) to not only have a presence on-site in front of interested people who are looking for a company to join, but you will also have the ability to recruit and,wholesale your companies products, and/or sell products. Believe me, I love the fact that we can do most, if not all, of our marketing online now-a-days but it never hurts to get out there and meet people face-to-face while networking with others that are already succeeding in the industry.

This event is geared towards two types of people...
1) YOU AND ME...the hard working, creative network marketers and direct sellers who are always looking for the edge (isn't that why we're on this site?? :D ). People who are interested in being at this event will have a presence in the main ballroom of this highly targeted event. We are also offering seminar rooms where you can present your company to a room of people that want to learn more.

2) People within the South Florida area (SoFla at this point and I may look to expand this event to other markets if it's successful) that are looking to start their own home business, perhaps looking for a supplimental income, or maybe they just need some hand holding where they feel comfortable joining your company after they have met you and feel that they can actually reach out to someone when lost.

How We Are Promoting This EventWe are promoting the event on all 5 of our CBS Radio stations in West Palm Beach and in total our stations reach over 500,000 listener EVERY WEEK. We expect there to be a large turnout due to the state of the economy and people letting down their guard to our wonderful industry.

I also want you to know that we are only allowing one representative per company to attend so it will be exclusive to only one person per Network Marketing / Direct Sales / MLM co.

I Am Looking For Your Help...
I am looking to see if anyone may be interested in getting involved in this event OR if you can kindly send any referrals my way of people who you know that are currently running their own netowrk marketing or direct sales business in the South Florida area. We are trying to make this event as large as we can while shedding some VERY POSITIVE LIGHT on our industry.

IIf all goes well, my plans are to expand it into other markets and give other network marketers the opportunity to meet highly interested people face-to-face in an environment that is geared towards helping everyone in attendance.

Please reply here if you have any questions, ideas, interest, etc OR you can call me at the number below which is a direct line to my office at the radio station.

Thank you so much and I wish you all TONS of Success!

PS: I have been in radio ad sales for 10 years and I am using my influence at my five radio stations to promote and help market the network marketing and direct sales industries. I look to you guys, the front line leaders on important sites like this one for any help, assistance, guidance or referrals that you can provide to me.
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Re: Big Network Marketing Event In South Florida

Postby Sylvan Noel on Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:22 am

I would be interested, do you have anyone for Traverus yet?
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Re: Big Network Marketing Event In South Florida

Postby Glenn Siesser on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:51 pm

My Name is Glenn Siesser. I have been in the Printing & Promotional Products Industry for 20+ years and an Advanced Beginner in the NetWorld (my term for Global NetWork Mktg) Field for just over a year. I've struggled like most others due but have made Huge investments in time and money over the past three months. I have literally incarcerated myself with a sentence of house study confinement (LOL) and have been studying recent purchases such as MLM Launch Formula (Jon Budd/Mark Hoverson); MLMSP My Lead System Pro; Mike Dillar's Magnetic Sponsoring and What's Working Now just to begin with. As Mike D. suggests, I have reprogrammed by mindset into simply bettering myself by injesting as much Marketing Material as possible. I am now jumping into PayPer Click Marketing, Traffic, Launching, etc.

I am assertively seeking one or two (perhaps 3) of the right minded people who would like to get together to create Joint Ventures and or LLC's with the primary purpose of Recruiting Downlines while helping these New Distributors continuosly, and to begin doing Monthly Webinars, selling Products at the end.

I would like to hear from All Interested People Right Away. Here is my Contact Info. Please either email or telephone me: Glenn Siesser - 8 Figure NetWorker - 225 NE 1st Street # 302 - Delray Beach, FL 33444
email: [email protected] or [email protected] Telphone: (561) 613-3872 Thanks and God Bless!
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