How much are we listening?

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How much are we listening?

Postby Martina Krulakova on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:28 am

Hi everyone,
I just want to post my recent experience which we can learn from it:

Do you know those people who are standing on the street and trying to stop random people who are „running“ and try to sell them anything? Today I was one of them.
No I wasnt the one who was stopping others but I was stopped by a man. I was not rushing as usual so I could not run away so easily but mainly I stopped because I heard very interesting question:

"Would you like to get a professional haircut?" he asked me.
Hmm...haircut? Well I need one. Definitely I need one especially when a strange man stops me on the street and asks about my hair day. Probably he noticed how badly I need it! :-)

So I stopped and started to listen his offer: "We are having a special offer today. You can get our yearly membership with us - one of the best hairdresser right opposite Harrods (for those who do not know Harrods - is the most expensive shopping center where you can buy anything you can even possibly think of. Of course in case you have enough money :-) for only 40 pounds.

Sounds good so far. Actually too good to be true. And only for 40 pounds? "What is the catch?" I asked.
"There is no catch. Today we have a special promotion for only 40 girls. You sign up today and will get this everything." So he started to talk about special discounts which I can get in the best stores in London, get special prices for the haircuts and colourings and of course will be pampered all the time".

It sounds really good but I am actually looking only for a good haircut. And he continued to talk about amazing discounts over again. So I tried to explain him again what I was looking for:
"I am not interested in that special offer. I just want to get a good haircut. What if I try your haircut first and if I am really happy I will not hesitate to sign up for 2 years membership?" By the way that was already my third trial to explain him what I was looking for.

At that point he got really offended: "We should just leave it then. Looks like you are making fun of my offer now".
"No, I would not dare to make a fun of anyone. I just dont see to get what I need." So I wished him a good day and left.

Do not get me wrong. His offer was really fantastic. I am not crazy about shopping or any fancy stuff which he was offering over and over again. I wanted a good haircut. Why I should spend extra 40 pounds extra for all that stuff which I am not interested in just to find out whether they can give me a good haircut?
If he had only listened me!!!
All I wanted to hear was: We have the best team in London. I guarantee you will be the happiest woman with our haircut. And I would not hesitate to sign up.

How much do you listen to your clients? And how much experience do you have with online business? How do you listen your clients there? What functions do you use?

Especially these days people would love to hear or see who is behind the computer. Probably they are your target just need more human approach.
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