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Hey Newbie

If you joined this group chances are you are new to the network marketing family.  You may have some experience in social networking sites or you may be brand new to the whole scene.

What ever level you may be at, you obviously are looking for answers and this is a great site to find them.

Most people will be happy to help but in case you didn't notice, especially in this Group you will see a lot of people trying to take advantage of the new kid on the block.

You will see way to much Hype on this site.  So what should you do?  RUN as fast as you can.

The most successful people here will not be trying to snatch you up like someone working at the carnival.

They will provide quiet, professional leadership the way this site was intended.  So don't be taken in.  Just sit back and read and participate and ask questions and soon you will get your answers.  Then you can apply what you learned to your business and hopefully somewhere down the road you can repay the favor.

Good luck with your business. We are here to help.


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I Second That

Excellent post Nikki.

This site has unfortunately attracted some predators who's business practises are less than honest. And I agree, anyone who is pursuing you is not a leader.

I would hate to think that "especially in this Group you will see a lot of people trying to take advantage of the new kid on the block."

We have tried to ensure that is NOT the case in the Newbies Guide. And if anyone has experienced it from with in this group please let Susan or myself know and we will take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Looking forward to reading more from you Nikki.

All the best,

freemoney (not verified) — Sun, 02/08/2009 - 4:46am

Weeding through the scammers

Hi Nikki-
I liked your post for many reasons. Most of all, because I am a Newbie, I have unfortunately been receiving a lot of "Get rich quick" emails. A lot of them are from people I don’t even know and am not sure how they got my email.
It’s hard to believe that everyone that posts on this site have the "number one" business opportunity. I am sure there are some very legit businesses but I just feel overwhelmed when trying to search through all of the ads.
I truly am looking for a way to work from home since recently being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am a single mom, so finding a business that actually pays me is a necessity for me. I feel very blessed to have found one business that I am going to start building. I just recently associated myself with Rodan+Fields Dermatologists (creators of Proactiv Solutions, America’s #1 selling acne system) and will be working with some amazing women that I trust and feel confident will help my business grow.
Even with starting up my Rodan+Fields business, I am still searching for mentors, business success stories, advice and guidance with network marketing. I am hoping to weed out the scammers and connect with honest people looking to share experiences and support each others endeavors.

Jennifer Atkins — Sun, 02/08/2009 - 11:42am

It Is A Jungle Out There

Hi Nikki,

And newbies out there, it is a pity to hear that people are trying to grab from the newbies group. I personally have not had this experience and it is certainly not what this group is for. If I can put any of the newbies minds to rest, there are some absolutley awesome, excellent people at Better Networker all really wanting to help anyone who asks for it. Infact I am about to chat to a fellow Better Networker on the phone tonight as we have made a great connection. I live in South Africa and she lives in England.

 As a newbie you need to take it slowly, everything can be so overwhelming at first, the social networking can also be alot of pressure at first, so take your time don't follow too many people you will start to get off track and possibly get dragged into what is being touted as "The Next Big Thing" It is very easy to get sidetracked (speaking from experience), just be on your guard, however in general I have not found the people at Better Networker to be that predatory. I actually find the social networking sites more like that. Infact one social site I joined I recieved 800 e-mails most of them soliciting for business. Hence I cancelled it straight away.

Anyway enjoy this Forum it is fun and you meet like minded people which really is what I love about it here.


Warm Regards

Alison Jones


Ali Jones — Mon, 02/09/2009 - 1:25pm

Yes It Really Is a Jungle


I agree with what you are saying as I am somewhat a newbie to all this network marketing and participation in social networking. I am starting to understand what's really going on and take part accordingly. It's great meeting new people. Like-minded ones especially. It's great how you can just bump into someone who is coming to your country on a cruise this week. :D

Yea, I met a guy who's coming to Antigua on a cruise this Friday. He's into real estate. He wants me to work with him. So, I will take his family on a tour around the island once I can find a good taxi.

So, yes it's a jungle out there, but you can still meet some cool, interesting people. Just know what you are here for and connect with those that make you feel comfortable and give you some sort of value. Hope to hear from you all soon. Later.

Seeking to give value to persons,

sean browne — Mon, 02/09/2009 - 1:38pm

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