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If you missed the 5linx National event you need to take a look at this training that was given by Barry Donaldson. I wrote down as much as I could. This is very important if you want recruit TOP producers in your business. These are Doctors, Lawyers, and people that you are afraid to approach because they are already successful. Don't be you need to approach it like this.

Make a Prequalifying phone call - set up an appointment
Must get through the gate keeper - receptionist
Be prepared if you get through to speak to your prospect. (too many times you get through and are not prepared)
Ask for what you want. (Let them know why are you here. Don't beat around the bush)

Five ways to Double your Income
Double the number of contact you make daily, weekly, monthly
Get through more often - reach your contact
Double the number of appointments
Ask for what you want
Double the number of referrals (ask for them)

Leaving Voice Mails
Call referencing a company name. Use a company name get through 65% of the time
Call with Individuals name! If you are freinds with someone they know use that name and get through 99% of the time.
Stay consistent, its the glue that holds everything together.
Small committments often lead to larger commitments
Written commitments are more powerful than verbal
Public commitments are stronger than private ones

Producers love to be in the know. Let them know they are the top person.

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